Root droid w/ broken power/lock button?

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  1. jddogg

    jddogg Member

    So i've been dealing with the whole broken lock/power button issue for a while with my droid.

    Now i've been looking into rooting it and was looking into the directions on how to do it when i realized you need to use the lock/power button in the whole rooting process.

    Is there any way around this? Or will it be impossible to root my phone without being able to access the power/lock button?

  2. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga VIP Member

    why dont you just take your droid into verizon and exchange it?
  3. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    My guess (only a guess) is you can do a battery pull to reboot your phone after everything is backed up and flashed. The power button is used to go back to a previous menu in the recovery but you might just have to reboot between operations. There is a great program called Quick Boot which will allow you to easily boot into recovery (or just reboot your phone) without using the power key. It does run from the operating system, not from the recovery menu.
  4. vincentp

    vincentp Well-Known Member

    Or you could probably just use DMUpdater to do it for you.
  5. natediddy1120

    natediddy1120 Member

    +1 ^^

    That's what I would do...
  6. JoeProcopio

    JoeProcopio Well-Known Member

    question is, how odo you turn your phone on without a working power button in the first place? exchange it first, then root it.
  7. Skaggz

    Skaggz Member

    The phone automatically boots when you plug it into a power source. I have to agree though, take it in and exchange it.
  8. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Forget rooting. Just get that power button fixed.
  9. zmaster

    zmaster Member

    my Droid is rooted for sometime now. I have broken power button just this morning. If I go to Verizon what would they might say about it when they see phone is rooted? Also, is this repair still under warranty or not? i got the Droid end of last year.
  10. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga VIP Member

    Use either dm updater or an sbf file to return to stock then take it back.
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  11. garment69

    garment69 Well-Known Member

    MFG warranty should be a year.
  12. JM33

    JM33 Well-Known Member

    In sprecovery the del button serves the same puprose as the power button to back out. (Hard keyboard). Also the directon pad will navigate up/down and center of dpad to select.
  13. cmoney12051

    cmoney12051 Active Member

    so is it possible to root your droid with a broken power button?
  14. roys

    roys Member

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