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  1. snake11eyes

    snake11eyes Well-Known Member

    I did a search and couldnt find anything. What does this program actually do. I bought the paid version thinking I was going to use it all the time. However i always go into recovery and adb shell to do things I thought root explorer would do. Should I return this. thanks

  2. while we do have root, what we dont have is a full nand protection unlock allowing us to modify key partitions such as /system or /data while the phone is still booted. we still have to do everything in recovery. when nand protection is unlocked, we will be able to utilize root explorer.
  3. elborak

    elborak Well-Known Member

    Despite /system being unwritable, Root Explorer is still a very nice file manager and only costs about $3.

    I purchased it knowing I couldn't modify /system without rebooting to recovery (and this was before unrevoked when getting back into recovery was a roll of the dice) and don't regret it.
  4. lifegoesby

    lifegoesby Member

    I use RE everyday as an alternative to Astro file manager. I just got use to using it from when I had my MOTO Droid. When we get full unlock, RE will be one of your most valuable tools.
  5. snake11eyes

    snake11eyes Well-Known Member

    Yea I always use astro and re wouldnt let me do anything more than that. Now that I know about full unlock Im going to keep the version I bought already.

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