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Root Fail.

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  1. skeeterpro

    skeeterpro Member

    Just got the Lucid. Have attempted virtually all methods found to root. (Checked USB Debug, installed USB Drivers, etc) Root command begins but even after 20 minutes nothing....battery pull...restart...nada. Have rooted many device (including using ADB on TF101 B40) so this ain't my first rodeo. Firmware VS840ZV6. Phone isn't active right now on VZW. (Dang slide lock to answer phone drives me nuts). PC is Win7Pro 64bit.

    Ideas? Thoughts? Idle ramblings?


  2. saxydroid

    saxydroid Active Member

    did you have the phone in ethernet mode when connected to the computer, it is needed to have USB debugging enabled
  3. skeeterpro

    skeeterpro Member

    Yep. Sure did. USB Debugging shows active on notification bar. Just sits there mocking me..... :/

    Actually the command showing stays at "Waiting for device...."

    Ah! Figured it out. Replaced cable. About connection made. Exploit installed. All is working.
  4. avelis26

    avelis26 Well-Known Member

    I was just about to make that suggestion. To everyone I help, I always say use the original cable that came with the device because it seems to make the difference.

    No clue why a UNIVERSAL serial bus cable would be different but just goes to show you that large evil companies like LG have no moral dilemma over defacing the word UNIVERSAL to try to make their products proprietary.

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