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root for flipside?

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  1. abmoraz

    abmoraz New Member

    I want to go to Android 2.2 so that I can install apps on my SD card. The Flipside runs on 2.1 and runs out of internal storage way to quickly for my tastes.

    Anyone been able to successfully root the AT&T branded Motorola Flipside? I haven't been able to find any instructions specific to the Flipside. I have tried many of the generic instructions, but none work.

    I get stuck on sideloading every time. My phone is never found by ADB. I've tried re-installing the USB drivers multiple times and my phone is DEBUG mode. Can anyone help?

  2. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    What is "rooting" and why is it important or wanted? I have been serching this site and have seen a LOT of technical jargon that is WAAAAAY over my head. I have a new Flipside, BTW.
  3. abmoraz

    abmoraz New Member

    The non-technical answer is that rooting allows you to have control over your phone. Specifically, it will allow me to:

    • Update to Android 2.2 or 2.3
    • Install apps to the SD card instead of in-phone storage
    • remove many of the *44* crapware apps that come pre-loaded that AT&T won't let you remove (like the social networking crap, the news reader, the horrid GPS app, and more)
    • Allows you to install apps from 3rd parties
    • Allows you full access to the App Market (AT&T filters many apps that compete with their crapware)
  4. Psychv4

    Psychv4 Member

    I dont know what ADB is... Many people are talking about it but I used AC SWM
    Here's a link to a post where i explained how to root our phone.


    As far as Android 2.2 goes, there should have been a system update you could have downloaded. My Flipside is rooted and running on Android 2.2-update. Only difference is I updated to 2.2 prior to rooting my phone. So You dont need the root to do that. I hope that all helps:)
  5. FancyLadyTecH

    FancyLadyTecH New Member

    How is it possible that you had Android 2.2 without rooting? I have a Motorola Flipside but its running on 2.1...And when I go to Settings-About Phone-System Updates, the message "Your device is up to date! No updates necessary" pops up...Tell me something I dont know...
  6. Psychv4

    Psychv4 Member

    yea, no sorry. I just went and looked. its 2.1-update1
    as in... thats what it updated to..
    that was my bad.. i thought i edited my comment to say so
  7. kmieto

    kmieto New Member

    ok so how do i do this "rooting" thing. I am soooo getting sick of this stupid flipside because of the low memory crap! someone please help me and tell me what i need to do. if possible can you reply to me in my email instead of this. katrina.mieto@att.net it would just be easier for me to figure it out through my email. i probably wouldnt even be able to figure out how i even got to this page again...lol thanks in advance :)
  8. trevordale

    trevordale New Member

    hey i need help with zroot aquiring root shell then crashes can someone help? im tired or only being able to have 4 apps installed e mail me at trevordale@yahoo.com
  9. promitech

    promitech New Member

    has any one been able to root this phone. I have installed the z4 root on my phone but still can not uninstall apps.

    Help please....


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