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  1. candyman4092

    candyman4092 Member

    i have a straight talk Huawei Ascend Y and i cant seem to find anything on rooting it can someone please help it has 2.3.6

  2. anathematized1

    anathematized1 Active Member

    I could use some help with this too... the other one doesn't work. Since I'm new and can't post links, it's the thread on here called "Step by Step Rooting Instructions: for Huawei Ascend". Nothing there works at all.

    From all the searching, it seems that any non-StraightTalk Ascend can be rooted via some really complicated flashing method that we StraightTalk users can't do because we don't have quick flash reboot something or other...

    Lame. There's SO much crap that I need to do that I can't that my phone SHOULD be able to do. I'm already out of space (almost) and I've hardly installed anything! I can't even install a clean up program because I am not rooted and can't get rooted.

    I'm getting sick of the tech industry and devs creating stuff that essentially does nothing unless you hack it yourself, then trying to prevent you from hacking it so you pay tons of money for... nothing.

    Also I would appreciate anyone NOT suggesting to get a "better" phone because I can't. First, I can't switch carriers and this is the only phone I can afford on StraightTalk so... don't even bother with that non-helpful crap.
  3. candyman4092

    candyman4092 Member

    Yea I tryed that to
  4. candyman4092

    candyman4092 Member

    it seems like a good phone i really just use it for the unlimited internet i have another cell i use for everything else but it would still be nice to get it rooted.
  5. jsclark198824

    jsclark198824 New Member

    Hey I have 2 of the same phone and have a 16gb micro SD card in it
    I agree it is a good phone just a pain in the ass to find
    the right rooting tools
    If I find it ill send it to you but I agree we ain't rich
    So unless everyone wants to buy us new phones
    They can kiss our asses cuz even this phone is over
    $100 so best of luck I even tried gingerbreak and it wants to but won't give
    but there has to be something out there I have u torrent and all m stuff
    Is on SD cards nothings in my phone space wise and I still
    can't download any apps
  6. jsclark198824

    jsclark198824 New Member

    It's both the phone its the opperating program
    Its almost as bad as the ios for iPhone sometimes
    Cuz jailbreaking the iPhone 4u can't shut the phone off
    Or it kills the jailbreak so all programs suck especially
    For our phones I feel your pain
  7. tusukious

    tusukious New Member

    I have been searching for three weeks and have tried just about everything. All rooting methods want you to root by installing a custom rom, which requires a custom recovery like clockwork mod, which cant be installed without rooting first. ITS A DAMN CONUNDRUM!! I chose this phone because i needed verizon service without $110 a month but i am not poor by any means. So here it is , I'm offerring to pay a bounty for all of us. I WILL PAY $100 TO ANYONE WHO CAN GIVE ME A WORKING ROOT METHOD FOR THIS PHONE, AND SHOW ME VIDEO EVIDENCE OF IT RUNNING SUPERUSER PERMISSIONS.
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  8. giantpune

    giantpune Well-Known Member

    This phone (H866C) is apparently vulnerable to the exploit I used in Poot [ ]. There is a little bit of work to be done to make it actually work on this model, but I have good reason to believe it can be done.

    If you want to mail me your phone, it shouldnt take more than a couple hours to get rooted. Then you can send me the $100, and everybody is happy.
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  9. tusukious

    tusukious New Member

    Thankd for the quick reply. I was surprised you found this thread. I tried your poot last week. Got error 87, and if i tried again without reboot i got error 22. It would be excellent if you could make this work for us, but i cant send my phone, its a work line. Is there anyway you could buy one, then return it?
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  10. barak1001

    barak1001 New Member

    I tried the poot exploit on my phone last night, no dice. It gives an error and says the phone needs to be reset. Doesn't root the phone. Also tried superoneclick as well, no root there either.


    Just tried z4root as well, doesn't work either.
  11. anathematized1

    anathematized1 Active Member

    See, this is what frustrates me so much about the issue.

    I understand it is a cheaper phone. Mine came with a 4 gig MicroSD card. I haven't even come close to using half a gig of this SD card and even if I rand out, I have much larger MicroSD cards.

    Now, why would you make a phone to run with the Android OS as the ability to download apps and everything else but not give it enough internal memory to basically do anything other than the bare minimum that any non-smart phone can do because there's not enough internal memory to even install apps to the SD card.

    If it were possible to root this phone, half the issues I have could be resolved easily, such as the removal off all this bulky and unnecessary standard crap that you can't remove, like Google Talk and Google Messenger, Google Play Books, Google ____ (I see a pattern here, I really hate to have to start hating Google :\), Voice Dialer, Local and any other thing that you may not ever even need or would ever use which also can't be moved to the SD memory...

    It also is a bit bothersome that I have SO much SD memory going to waste because part of it can't be partitioned off to use as RAM (since the phone basically has NONE).


    I saw this and got excited because the Hauwei Ascend II looks identical to the Ascend Y H886 that I have, but then I started reading. In order to do this one, you have to be able to boot in fastboot mode, which the Ascend Y H886 doesn't have. :\
  12. lisaekh

    lisaekh New Member

    Why does everyone say you can't use the SD card to run apps? It definitely is possible to run apps from the card - of course they get lost if you power off the phone.
  13. anathematized1

    anathematized1 Active Member

    No, you're not understanding.

    All my apps that can be on the SD card, are.

    Some apps though, the bloatware that came with the phone, absolutely cannot be transferred to the SD card.

    Furthermore, even if you set it up to install directly to the SD card, just to install/download the app, you have to have enough internal memory to do this.

    Even then, apps on and running from the SD card still use internal memory.

    Currently these are the apps running that I have and the amount of internal memory used...
    In use:
    Settings 8.0 mb
    Google Services (not transferable) 6.6 MB
    Thumb Keyboard (on SD card) 7.9 MB

    NEVER used or not currently in use:
    Yahoo! Messenger (stored on SD card) 4.1 MB
    My Calendar (not transferable to SD card), 1.9 MB
    Huawei Media (not transferable) 4.7 MB
    Google Maps (not transferable) 5.5 MB
    Google Maps (yes, another one, why I don't know) 5.9 MB

    RAM/Internal Memory - 95 MB used, 40 MB free.

    This is after running "Fast Reboot" and clearing the cache. Anything larger than 40 MB download or install size (regardless of how big the app is after installation) cannot be used/downloaded/installed regardless of how much space is on the SD card or if it is installed directly to the SD card. This is the MOST Internal memory I ever have free at any one given time.
  14. TnPizzaMan

    TnPizzaMan New Member

    From what I can tell the fastboot mode on the H866C is the opposite of the Ascend II - hold the volume UP key while holding the power button at startup. The Huawei Ascend logo will appear and the unit with vibrate - continue to hold for another 15 sec or so. Just keep it pressed until the splash screen with the little android dude hopping out of the box appears. It then switches to another graphic of our little green friend and the caution symbol (exclamation mark inside of a triangle) and the android system recovery dialog appears. Is this the same as fastboot? somehow I think not, but there are options to apply update from SD card. Granted being an uber-noob to android I might simply be stating the obvious.
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  15. anathematized1

    anathematized1 Active Member

    From more searching, I found this today but I'm not sure if it works:
    Huawei Ascend y200 (u8655) Root

    I downloaded all that it said and haven't made it far through the process because this part makes NO sense:
    Prior to running this file, which is not called "install adb" it's just "adb", I already did have a new drive appear when connecting my phone. If I had USB debugging off, I got the phone internal memory "drive" and the SD drive both under the same device (Android Adapter).

    If I had USB debugging off, I didn't have these two but a different one called "Mobile Partner" under the same device (Android Adapter). So first, I don't know if that's the "new" drive that it's talking about or if it's supposed to be a different one.

    Next it says to "install the adb program files choosing either win 7 or xp". What adb program files? There aren't any in the zip downloaded to the phone and the only other program in the computer download is "fastboot.exe". I tried installing that too but... the whole time I never got to choose anything anywhere, so I've not gone any further.

    I found the original thread that the poster on that forum got this from, it's a German site, I'm translating it now since I actually can speak German and already the dude has the instructions way confusing.
  16. anathematized1

    anathematized1 Active Member

    So here's the instructions on how to do this.

    Part I - Initial Set-up for Rooting Process
    1. On your phone, go to Settings > Applications > Development. Enable "USB debugging".

    2. Plug the USB cable into the phone and connect it to the computer. Open up "My Computer" and you should see a new CD drive called "Mobile Partner".

    3. Double click this new drive and go to CD Drive: Mobile Partner > drivers > adb_driver. There should be a file in here, mine says "Handset WinDriver.exe", run this file. It installs the driver to your computer. When finished, it should say "Android Composite ADB Interface" has been installed or whatever.

    4. On the phone, open Settings > Applications and un-check or disable "Quick PowerOn".

    5. Download to your computer and download to the root of the SD card directory of your phone. Go ahead and extract the zip file downloaded to the computer and open up this folder to have it ready.

    6. Now eject the Android device on your computer and unplug it from the USB cable. Turn the phone off by holding the power button until a menu comes up and select "Power Off". Once the phone is off, remove the battery. At this point, you may want to also remove the SD card and copy/backup manually everything that's on it to your computer.
    Part II - CWM (ClockworkMod) Installation
    This part I can't get to work no matter what I do, I've tried flashing several versions and nothing works. It's necessary in order to install the SuperUser from the boot menu.

  17. scoc1973

    scoc1973 Member

    Have any luck?
  18. tusukious

    tusukious New Member

    So far all these posts are useless. Without fastboot and without the ability to put a custom recovery on this phone the only way to root it is going to be if someone can create an update file that is rooted that has the Hauwei signature that the phone will allow it to install.
  19. anathematized1

    anathematized1 Active Member


    Absolutely NOTHING will flash in, not even any current .bat file or exe to be run from the computer that has fastboot with a signature for any of the closest models.

    I tried everything for all the closest models and it's not happening, period and I have 0 programming skills nor would I even know how to go about faking, much less getting, the signature that it will accept.

    It's like they do this shit just to annoy us...
  20. smaples

    smaples New Member

    Hey, I just need to put my straight talk H866C in Daig mode and Ive tried a few different things but what works on other models does not work on this model or the end options are not there to click.. PLEASE HELP! All I want to do is put the phone in Diag mode for CDMA workshop.
  21. giantpune

    giantpune Well-Known Member

    No, but you can buy one and mail it to me and then return it.
  22. anathematized1

    anathematized1 Active Member

    So... where would we go to ask somebody to try and figure out how to root this phone specifically...

    As in like, the people who originally make the rooting processes/tools? I can't even find a single one that will take requests. :\

    I also have no idea how to even begin trying to figure out how to root a different phone and I can't afford to purchase another one to give to somebody to try and figure out and nobody around here knows about that crap.
  23. tusukious

    tusukious New Member

    So anybody have any luck yet?
  24. giantpune

    giantpune Well-Known Member

    What are you expecting? I'm telling you that if you put one of these phones in my hand, I will have it rooted in under an hour. You already have somebody that says they will fork out $100 which would cover the price of the phone. Even in the case that I can't get it done, you'd still be able to take the thing back to the store and get your money back.

    Are you are expecting somebody to magically know how to root a phone without ever having access to it?
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  25. anathematized1

    anathematized1 Active Member

    No, and never did I even say that.

    Yet there are those who figure it out without access that have done it to several phones and make generalised tools. I know there are general principles behind it but don't know what they are.

    I also can't afford to buy another one, or ship it to whoever.

    TONS of people from all over have been asking about this phone and not one single person that knows how to root phones has had somebody near them want it rooted? I don't think so, this phone isn't THAT new.

    Any time you see the root method/process for the m865... one of the FIRST things asked: "will this work on the H866C?" since they're almost identical. And the answer is always no, it doesn't.

    I mean that's the whole reason I got such a shitty phone - it's all I could afford, and I had to go overdraft for it, I only get $475 per month.

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