Root for Huawei Ascend Y H866C

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  1. Scarsketch

    Scarsketch Well-Known Member

    adb devices shows me the h866c. adb fastboot reboots me into the Android OS. fastboot or bootloader needs a phrase or some verbage there at the end

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  2. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    what commands?
  3. Scarsketch

    Scarsketch Well-Known Member

    I have sucessfuly pushed the files to the root directories. I need a Linux distro which I am downloading now with nautilus so I can copy some other files as well. Wondering if I can get the sd card out and use root explorer to change and modify these files will it be the same thing
  4. scoc1973

    scoc1973 Member

    Giving me chillbumps Scarsketch! So close! Rooting this thing!
  5. rezario55

    rezario55 Member

    Ill throw down cash for a root as soon as I hear a commitment and see a PayPal, donate link whatever...from a trustworthy source developer, moderator, etc.
  6. lifeplaysu

    lifeplaysu New Member

    i also gotten up to the Linux part then got lost, my uncles good with it so hope he can help.

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  7. rezario55

    rezario55 Member

    Was hoping for a root for Christmas, where are you Santa?
  8. MrMoolz

    MrMoolz New Member

    New reg here. Posting to subscribe to this thread. Would love a root for this device as well.

    Hope someone finds a solution! Salutations and Happy Holidays!
  9. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    im not sure any of you guys are understanding. you cant just run a few adb commands and be rooted. you need an exploit to let you write to system earlymon was merely point ing out some commands to gather information about the device
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  10. Scarsketch

    Scarsketch Well-Known Member

    get into the pink screen take sd card and battery out put battery back in hold vol - and + then u should get a pink screen is that doewnload mode?
  11. Scarsketch

    Scarsketch Well-Known Member

    i am trying a lg mercury root. i have sucessfully pushed the files needed to the sd card. pink screen is download mode for the merc. i just need to install my distro into usb im having some problems doing it. some files wont install and has problems installing a bootloader. any suggestions?:eek:
  12. raymealer

    raymealer Well-Known Member

    I don't know but on CDMA Workshop I can connect on a modem and no it won't read the phone but when I go to mode reset big green letters pop up saying ok
  13. Scarsketch

    Scarsketch Well-Known Member

    i haventeven installed cdma workshop yet but what is mode reset?
  14. raymealer

    raymealer Well-Known Member

    It's an option on CDMA Workshop
  15. raymealer

    raymealer Well-Known Member

    You're probably going to have to have the paid version
  16. Scarsketch

    Scarsketch Well-Known Member

    Well ive pushed the files in to the root directory just need a distro with nautilus to copy these files to other ls in the filesystem
  17. Scarsketch

    Scarsketch Well-Known Member

    Its almost done I just need the Linux distro ive got 10.10 but having problems installing to Usb stick
  18. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    perhaps if you explained what exactly you were hoping to do in english i might be able to assist.
  19. Scarsketch

    Scarsketch Well-Known Member

    Well I am following the huawei mercury root from unleashed prepaids. But I need to copy some of the files to root directories with nautilus or a root explorer in Linux because that is what the directions for the Huawei mercury say to do. I had another coder suggest this method because of the pink screen download mode.

    In all I put the h866c in download mode (pink screen) and move these files that I have subsequently pushed to /sdcard to then be moved to root directories with a root browser in Linux.
  20. Scarsketch

    Scarsketch Well-Known Member

  21. Buttersworth

    Buttersworth Member

    here is what i know!

    adb root = adbd cannot run as root in production builds

    why throw and error adbd? :confused:
    adb shell
    $chmod 777 /system

    returns error Unable to chmod /system: Read-only file system

    so lets change the entire root to 777 well that turns out to be the same error! :confused:

    so i start looking at packages! by typing

    adb shell

    $ pm list permission-groups
    pm list permission-groups
    permission group:android.permission-group.DEVELOPMENT_TOOLS
    permission group:android.permission-group.PERSONAL_INFO
    permission group:android.permission-group.COST_MONEY
    permission group:android.permission-group.LOCATION
    permission group:android.permission-group.MESSAGES
    permission group:android.permission-group.NETWORK
    permission group:android.permission-group.ACCOUNTS
    permission group:android.permission-group.STORAGE
    permission group:android.permission-group.PHONE_CALLS
    permission group:android.permission-group.HARDWARE_CONTROLS
    permission group:android.permission-group.SYSTEM_TOOLS

    it returns this! i can view packages etc and sub packages etc. but can't change the permissions on those packages! so i try installing this method!

    pm install superuser.apk /system/app
    pm install superuser.apk /system/app
    pkg: superuser.apk

    OK now that i have seen this before on the phone downloading an app or playing a game this is getting funny now!

    the only thing i can think of to do next is find a verified copy of a the huawei h866c will except.
    I also noticed that with the sim card out it shows a cdrom drive and 2 usb drives which tells me there are multiple partitions on this phone. well there might be a partition hiding somewhere that we can't see. I also downloaded a very good root explorer app and /local is not showing as well as items in /dev?
    so anyone want to share some knowledge maybe i can piece this together.
    I'm have a little knowledge on MD5 but not alot about creating a verified
  22. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Run mount, you'll see that /system is mounted ro, read only.
  23. Buttersworth

    Buttersworth Member

    Going to work some new files! if anyone has suggestions please fell free to discuss them with me!

    FASTBOOT anyone have any luck?
  24. Buttersworth

    Buttersworth Member

    this is the reason

    / default.prop


    (((( Should be 0

    correct me but i can't simply just change it can i create and new text file and somehow flash it???

    I also have testkey.x509.pem and the cacerts.bks files

    I bought this phone for my wife! for Christmas!

    I will crack this!
    Working on Fedora using dsixda's Android Kitchen:rolleyes:
  25. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    test key is useless you need their key. and you cant edit that file without editing the kernel which you cant do without root.

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