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ROOT for Huawei VALIANT ( Y301-A1 ) ???

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  1. xvalkyri3x96

    xvalkyri3x96 New Member

    Android smartphone Huawei VALIANT ( Y301-A1 ), power of a 1.0 GHz dual-core Qualcomm processor on Android 4.1 operating system, VERY cheap, and with no contract,$79 came out recently for MetroPCS.

    I looked everywhere on the internet and I think there isn't any root for this device. If anyone knows how to root Huawei VALIANT:eek:, if you make a post about this, it would be wonderful.

    Thank You.

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  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

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  3. leonidm

    leonidm New Member

    I haven't figured how to root it yet , but did find a chip unlock solution for GSM part of it. I've got the phone when it went on sale 2 weeks ago for $29.99 and it's pretty nice. What makes it even nicer that i was able to GSM unlock it for 4$
    Initially found a guy on e-bay - he is from UK, but then he gave me his web page and i got the unlock code. He have sent me a 4 16 digit numbers. Instructions where to use the first one but the first one did not work. I've contacted him and got following response:
    I am sorry to hear that code didn't work;

    It could be due to the Jelly bean or latest android upgrade, as all unlock codes comes from official supplier.

    As always there are some exceptions to the rules. So in-case your unlock code has not worked the first time. Please backup your data on the phone and perform a full factory reset from settings menu and re-enter the code after restart.

    After reset if the first 16 digit code failed please enter the other codes one by one. As one of them should work.

    So i went in to recovery (Power-off, Vol-UP & power on) did factory reset, then started entering all the numbers one by one out of the 4 he have sent. The 3rd one worked.

    To test put a T-Mobile SIM that didn't work before and got service and even 3G, which really surprised me because I thought this is an AT& network specific phone.

    The guys contact info is:
    R Khan
    +44 792 3038 222
    Burj Tech Milton Keynes::Smart Phones::Mobile Device Unlocking::pC Fix ::Computer Repair::Android Root Super SU:: Rooting Service::
    Save 5%, BTD5

    you have to register on his web site to get 5% off, also i don't see why would you want 5% off 4$
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  4. USE FRAMAROOT OFF theXDA website !!!!.

    with in 4 hours odd open inf the device that particular root worked for the Huawei Vitria so I'm guessing it should work for that. Gandulf on the newish one they had. I'm on my phoneor I share a link. Wait keys yet anyway
  5. KainXS

    KainXS Well-Known Member

    yup should work on the valiant
  6. leonidm

    leonidm New Member

    FRAMAROOT 1.4.1 failed - both methods
  7. KainXS

    KainXS Well-Known Member

    we really need new sections for the valiant and vitria(looks at you mods)
  8. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

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  9. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Well, my girlfriend broke the screen on hers so I have a new toy! Lol.

    I'll be trying a few root methods this weekend and let you know if I'm successful.
  10. johninsfo

    johninsfo New Member

    Hi there. I'm kinda new to the forums, but I'm a guy who up until now has just been lurking around and learning all I can about Androids. Anyway, I tried everything I could think of to root this phone (after all, it is a pain in the a** if you don't anymore), and I came up with a program called Kingoroot. It isn't mine, and I just tried it out on some other phones. Just on a whim, I ran it, (after turning on USB debugging on the phone, of course), next connected the USB cable between my PC and my phone, followed the instructions, and it rooted it. I next installed, ran and updated supersu (available on playstore) the phone installed I verified it using rootchecker (also available on playstore). Appears to be a good root! :)

    My system specs are:

    System updates: Last updated 8/13/2014 11:03 PM PST
    Country = USA
    Network = Metro PCS (T-Mobile backbone)
    Model = Huawei Y301A1 (Valiant)
    Android version = 4.4.1
    Kernal version =
    android@localhost #1
    SMP PREEMPT Thu Jan 2320:06:54
    GST 2014

    Build number = Y301A1V100R001C85B138

    You can download the Kingoroot program free at kingoapp dot com

    I'm not responsible for what you do with this sh1+. Hope it helps!

    “The secret of being a bore is to tell everything.” - Voltaire

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