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Root for WiFi Tether HELPGeneral

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  1. kylebrown669

    kylebrown669 Active Member

    Can someone tell me what is needed to enable wifi tether on my S4 ever since the update FoxFi is not working and i dont see them fixing it anytime soon so i have to root.

  2. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    Go into Settings > More > Security and enable (check) "Unknown sources." Then follow the instructions here. It works perfectly.
  3. jejb

    jejb Well-Known Member

  4. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    No rooting or mods required.

    Settings/More networks/Tethering and portable hotspot - turn on... then longpress Mobile Hotspot and configure the hotspot as desired (SSID, security, allowed devices, etc.).

    It works great on my i337 and no extra charges for tethering.

    Suggestion: get Network Monitor (v 2.4.6) from the Play store and put a NM switch tether widget on your screen to easily enable/disable the hotspot without going into settings every time you wish to use it.
  5. kylebrown669

    kylebrown669 Active Member

    When ever i try it says i have to call AT&T to enable it.The only thing that has worked for me is FoxFi in the past now it does not anymore.
  6. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    I called AT&T to ask about adhoc mobile data for my iPad Gen1. They suggested I use tethering from my GS4. I assume you have a shared data pie (as do I).

    From the help page at AT&T, by inference it seems you have to have a data share plan or the DataPro 5GB plan (whatever that is).
    "Devices connected to your Mobile Hotspot use data from your Mobile Share or DataPro 5 GB plan."
    Create your own Personal Mobile Hotspot- AT&T Wireless Support
  7. kylebrown669

    kylebrown669 Active Member

    I should have been more specific. I have unlimited data that is why i was having to use FoxFi.
  8. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    Ah. Well it would seem you have to decide if your grandfathered unlimited data is of more value than tethering. That's a dilemma!

    We share a 10GB pie in our 4 person family and never approach the limits. Of course that might not be true for you.
  9. jejb

    jejb Well-Known Member

    Or just root and install the hot spot mod.
  10. djclemon

    djclemon Well-Known Member

    Foxfi works perfect on my Verizon s4
  11. cybertec69

    cybertec69 Well-Known Member

    FoxFi works just fine without root, it works for me on the S3 and S4 with JB 4.3. And I also have unlimited data. Foxfi has implemented a workaround, once you start foxfi it will ask you for credential installation, follow the steps, you will need to create a lock pin code or pattern lock, once you do that, FoxFi will work just fine, now the only thing is you will have to use a pin or pattern to get access to the phone " for some people it's fine, for some it's a hassle", but there is also a workaround for that also, once you get to the screen with the unlock pin or pattern, do this, if you used a pin just keep putting in the wrong pin until you get this notification that you have forgot your pin "same would go if you used a pattern to unlock the device, keep putting in the wrong pattern till the same message appears", then it will ask for your email, which is the one associated with your Google Play account, type it in, now you will no longer have to use a lock pin or pattern to have FoxFi work, the only thing is you no longer will have a lock screen "under the lock screen options in your phone settings it should say None", so when you press the power button you will go directly to your phones main home screen. Another thing I suggest to make sure you have a security password installed for your FoxFi network, I believe it asks you to do that anyways.
  12. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    The two people (above) on Verizon are correct - FoxFi does work with 4.3. However, it does not work with AT&T 4.3, and the developer acknowledges this. I stand by the advice I posted earlier in this thread re rooting and replacing the .apk. It works perfectly, and is currently the only solution for AT&T customers (short of paying their extortion fee, in addition to what we already pay for "unlimited data").
  13. kylebrown669

    kylebrown669 Active Member

    I will try the root you posted earlier. I was just not sure if it would work with the latest AT&T build and everything.

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