Root for ZTE Z665c?

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  1. bonbonely

    bonbonely New Member

    Is there a root guide for the Z665c from Straight Talk?

  2. ragnar_lodbrok

    ragnar_lodbrok New Member

    I have this phone from Tracfone: ZTE Valet. I would like to root it. I think someone rooted it with poot, but not sure. Anyone root this phone?
  3. bonbonely

    bonbonely New Member

    I tried with poot, but it didn't work. Unless I did something wrong.

  4. normzte

    normzte New Member

    i need root help
  5. cooldudezach

    cooldudezach Well-Known Member

    Try cydia impactor. Seems to work well with zte phones.

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