Root galaxy XCover GT-S5690

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  1. apassi

    apassi New Member

    Hi, i bought this hard case phone some days ago, and now i want to root it and install latest cyanogenmod so i can get rid all useless manufacture stuff.

    Has there been any one who has tried to root it? I havent found nothing to this phone.. anyone?

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello apassie, and welcome to Android Forums. :)

    Well, you've got yourself a brand new device, one that is so new that the root exploit procedure for it is at this writing not yet developed (but soon to come, I am sure ;)).

    Here is the Root Guide sticky, right here in this Xcover root forum to where I've moved your thread:

    Keep an eye on that for important changes and links, etc. [​IMG]
  3. uhugyorgy

    uhugyorgy New Member

    Please help me with zergrush method not working for me

    after scooting:
    klogct1:Operation not permited

    Can anyoane help me??
    Sory for my bad english.And thank you:(
  4. xenux55

    xenux55 New Member

    This is real ROOT for samsung s5690.
    Just put it on SD card and install like update ( from recovery mod )

    Deposit Files

    mdmd doesn't root it !!!

    SLPBXL New Member

    Hi anybody can help me to root an Root galaxy XCover GT-S5690 with Android OS.

    I'm a rookie.

  6. felipequiterio

    felipequiterio New Member

    this post is safe? someone did the procedure and confirms the root to Xcover S5690?
  7. Archy87

    Archy87 Member

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