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  1. Snarglys

    Snarglys New Member

    Tried it myself. It worked. Another person on this forum tried it. It also worked.

    Before rooting make sure you have Android drivers on your pc (your PC detects the phone when plugged in via USB cable)

    1. USB Debugging mode on (settings in phone)
    2. Fast boot off (settings in phone)
    3. Turn off the phone.
    4. Download RecoveryClockmodByZaDkYn.rar (4.56 MB) from - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    5. Extract RecoveryClockmodByZaDkYn.rar into your pc.
    6. Run Instalador.bat and press any key so that green text appear: "<waiting for device>"
    7. Phone, which is turned off, plug in into the pc via USB.
    8. Hold volume down button and press power button. HOLD them both while (2 possibilities) - (1) in pc in Instalador window appears green text which indicates that RecoveryClockmod installation has begun; (2) or a windows appears in pc windows, asking for Android drivers (it happened to me using win Xp). I used drivers from these driver archives -
    9. After installation has finished the phone rebooted into RecoveryClockmod.
    10. Choose Restart. After the phone has rebooted, download "" to its SD card (download from here : - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!)
    11. Turn off your phone and plug off from PC.
    12. HOLD volume up button and press power ON button, till a known RecoveryClockmod screen appears.
    13. Choose "Install zip from sdcard".
    14. Choose "Choose zip from sdcard"
    15. Choose ""
    16. Choose Yes.
    17. After couple of operations a message will appear, saying that everything is "succesful". Press power off button so that u can go "back" in the meniu. Choose "Restart"
    18. Your phone Huawei U8650 is now rooted.

  2. Rhenor

    Rhenor New Member

    Seems to work fine for an Australian model.
  3. u8652 rooted

    u8652 rooted Member

    I registered here just to say that this worked on my att gophone, huawei sonic/fusion u8652.

    superuser is installed, apps and log screens are blank, dont know if thats right. < edit> apparently su will show apps installed after su was installed.

    so, att fusion
    clockwork installed
    super user installed
    waiting for killer rom : )
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  4. klsdream

    klsdream Active Member

    hello guys,,
    is that unlock my phone? am using yoigo operator in Spain
  5. skylineaxillea

    skylineaxillea New Member

    i am using cosmote operator in greece?will this work?does somebody know?
  6. skylineaxillea

    skylineaxillea New Member

    i tried it today and it worked!!!!
    great guide thanks man!!!!!
    i tested it only with titanium backup yet and i have root access.

    My specs:
    Huawei u8650 of course
    cosmote operator, greece
    android 2.3.4
    rom U8650V100R001C343B836SP02
  7. klsdream

    klsdream Active Member

    does it unlock my phone , please im using yoigo in spain??

  8. offerasv

    offerasv New Member

    work bien for yoigo u8650 model
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  9. ben_simpson

    ben_simpson Member

    Good morning! Does anyone have the links to the files mentioned in the guide as they are now unavailable. Thanks in advance.
  10. Lebo

    Lebo Well-Known Member

  11. BajaGadget

    BajaGadget New Member

    Worked for me on U8652 (AT&T Fusion) GoPhone.

    Only hiccup was when I downloaded the SuperUser ZIP file, had to rename it to exactly "" before putting it on SD card (step 10).

    Worked great! Verified working by running Titanium Backup.

  12. fusion8652

    fusion8652 New Member

    In step 6, how do you copy the to sdcard? Do I need to install the driver then Windows will see the sdcard.

  13. emperor29

    emperor29 New Member

    Works great, my version is 2.3.5. and 2.3.6. Tnx again :)
  14. ALL_6old

    ALL_6old New Member

    downloaded some files separately just by googling them bubt worked fine on my tmobile model with android 2.3.6 thank you!
  15. IMariukas

    IMariukas New Member

    Mine is huawei u8650 i don' know from where just buyed used i don't know is it sonic and question is fully gonna be rooted? maybe there is a guide for green rooted users? Thanks

    Edit: the version number U8650V100R001LTUC102B835

    THE 2.3.3
  16. Marikafaye

    Marikafaye Member

    Can't seem to get to install - receive 'error' message. May have wrong file, not certain as none of the file links work and I had to google to find a file . . . . . Any ideas ?
  17. ciraxmax

    ciraxmax New Member

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