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  1. nvt

    nvt Member

    Hello everyone!

    I like to root my htc desire c on android 4.0.3
    But i don't no how.
    I already unlocked the bootloader.
    Does anyone no how to do this.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. Loota

    Loota Well-Known Member

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  3. nvt

    nvt Member

    Thanks!! but i am kind of new to rooting and i don't want to mess my phone up
    sure this will work for 4.0.3?
  4. Gods_Pianist

    Gods_Pianist Active Member

    don't bother rooting to ICS 4.0.3. you can recieve that software update. i did for my HTC Desire C, and now i regret i updated my phone's software. ICS 4.0.3, according to my research, consumes heavy CPU power (i noticed it, because i installed a smart RAM booster on mine (no root version), and it easily gets laggy after even a short while of playing heavy games like inotia 4 and NFS Shift. it wasn't like that before on the stock ICS 4.0. also, i noticed the battery drains much faster, even when having juice defender ultimate around. really regret updating my software..i now wish to root it (if no update will be available) to ICS 4.0.4, which, according to my research, solves the bugs in 4.0.3.

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