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Root HTC Merge?

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  1. Colbyy

    Colbyy Member

    Been looking around, reading on here. Have tried all the oneclick roots (z4, androot, gingerbreak) and also the zip files update from sd reboot ones. New to this rooting and haven't had any luck. HTC Merge US Cellular 2.3.4. I just want to make it faster and delete the stock apps.. Any help would be appreciated

  2. Colbyy

    Colbyy Member

    Also would like to take screen shots.. Any easy way to root this thing? I have a Mac which doesn't help with some of the other ways I've read about..
  3. Colbyy

    Colbyy Member

  4. cwill0303

    cwill0303 Well-Known Member

    Go to 2fastroms.com and follow the directions to unlock the bootloader, load custom recovery, and then flash the fuzion 1.1 rom. Follow the directions to the "T" and you will be very happy with your phone. There are a few steps but its worth it.
  5. Colbyy

    Colbyy Member

    I think I've looked at that buuut I have a Mac...

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