Root HTC Wildfire Without Auto-Installing ROM Manager

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  1. LordErebus

    LordErebus Member

    Hey Guys

    Noob on the forums here so first off "Hi"

    Second of all, have had my HTC Wildfire (Model A3333) for over a year now and i love it. Now that the warranty has final expired and i've had no problems with it, i've decided that now might be the time to root it.

    Now, i'm a very tech savvy person (at least, i'd like to think so:rolleyes:), so i'm not going to ask "how" to root because i've already looked into it.

    Having said that, i have a few questions about rooting that i would like answered before i go ahead.

    Apps, settings and data backups
    Having had several bad experiences of losing data on my desktop, i fervently backup everything at some point. I have done that with my Wildfire (basically copied the entire SD card) as well as manually saved all my settings, AND backed it all up using MyBackup 30 Day Trial (though i will be replacing this in favour of Titanium when i am rooted).
    My question is thus:
    I know that using HTCDev to unlock the bootloader will wipe my data, but i have been told that this is the least accepted (though apparently easiest) method of rooting.
    Instead, i had planned on using unrevoked or Revolutionary but i have heard conflicting reports about whether they do or don't wipe your data :confused:

    Am i correct in thinking that unrevoked/Revolutionary DOES NOT wipe my data?

    Stock NAND Backup
    As i've already mentioned, i will, in any and all circumstances, backup every last byte of data on my data storage devices, be it a hard drive or flash memory.
    I know that the default hidden partitions are:
    Others such as /system are visibile but unalterable unless rooted, which is fair enough.
    What i planned on doing is rooting my Wildfire, then run ROMDump to copy the /boot, /recovery and /system partitions before installing ROM Manager. Therefore, i would have an exact copy of all the NAND data as it was pre-ROM Manager.
    However, in every tutorial i have read unrevoked definitely (seems to anyway) auto-install ROM Manager and flashes a custom recovery image, and Revolutionary is rather vague on the issue (i.e. does not mention it at all).

    So my question is twofold:
    1st: Is there a way to gain temporary root access to use ROMDump (as the dev suggests)?


    2nd: Is there a way to root my Wildfire without auto-installing/flashing ROM Manager?

    Recovery Mode
    90% certain of this (and really should know the answer :eek:) but just cheking for clarification.

    If i boot my Wildfire into recovery mode do i get the option to boot normally? In other words, reboot WITHOUT doing a factory reset, wipe data, etc.?

    Unrooting (Optional)
    Seems like a stupid question, but this just for my own curiosity.

    Is there an easy way to unroot the Wildfire without a factory reset? (You never know when that might come in handy)

    If you've managed to read this far, thanks for taking the time to do so and hope to hear your thoughts on my questions soon :D

  2. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

    Hey let me answer your problem as straight-to-the-point as possible

    Apps, settings and data backups
    Q1) Yes your right that HTC Dev is the least acceptable, i've had to help people solve a problem where they are stuck at the HTC white screen and their device wont boot (one of my own suggestions did solve the problem though).

    Q2) To the best of my knowledge it doesnt wipe your data (my suggestion that i stated before involved using unrEVOked, the person who had the problem reported that his device had all of his data after it booted)
    People who have said 'yes i wipes data' probably didnt take into account the use of an RUU prior to using unrEVOked,

    Stock NAND Backup
    UnrEVOked doesnt install ROM manager, it just roots your device, ROM manager would be in your device if your installed ROM has it. Also Revolutionary just allows you to obtain s-off, gain temp root and automatically install Clockwork Recovery

    Q1) When i was rooted, i used z4root to gain 'temporary root' but i didnt notice any change, i highly do not recommend it, there may be other tools but not many since Wildfire lack great support. (To be honest is your data really that valuable that you would spend so much time on? I just backed up my apps, contacts, text messages, entire sd card, after rooting i restored them and didnt miss anything else at all.)

    Q2) Yes there are many ways, what makes your device feature ROM manager is your ROM of choice, when i rooted (running an RUU prior to unrEVOked), and my Wildfire booted, it didnt have ROM manager, (the RUU was a stock Eclair ROM)

    Recovery Mode
    Yes, when you enter Clockwork recovery you will see this:
    Clearly at the top you will see reboot system now
    If you use Revolutionary you will install Clockwork Recovery v2.5.0.1

    Unrooting (Optional)
    I personally havent tried it, but from what ive read, you need to run a certain RUU, (one RUU will stop you from re-rooting forever apparently)
    But there are links all over the internet which provide you with processes on how to, like for this one for exaple

    I hope ive answered your questions and helped to some extent
  3. LordErebus

    LordErebus Member

    Thanks for the info. May have found a way to temporarily root my phone so i can dump the images from /boot, /system and /recovery.

    Once i've tried it out, if successful, i'll post it here for everyone's benefit. :)
  4. LordErebus

    LordErebus Member

    Just noticed this. My HBoot version is 1.01.0002. Is there any way to root without downgrading to 1.01.0001 using either unrevoked or Revolutionary?
  5. LordErebus

    LordErebus Member

    Hey guys!

    Managed to figure out how to dump /boot and /recovery BEFORE gaining full root :D

    For those that are interested, i followed the procedure laid out on "Addictive Tips - How To Backup Your Android Phone's Boot, Recovery And System Partition Images". Can't post links yet, but here's a run down of what i did.

    After trying root with SuperOneClick and z4root (yes, i tired it; didn't work and slowed down my phone) i decided to try something different, and here's how it worked:

    1. Use SuperOneClick to gain "Shell Root"
    2. Once established run ADB from the command line/terminal
    3. Type "adb shell"
    4. If the Shell Root was unsuccessful, you will see "$" appear. You can still run ADB commands, but you will NOT be able to dump the /boot or /recovery images
    5. If the Shell Root was successful, you will see "#" appear
    6. Type "cat proc/mtd"
    7. You will now get output that looks something like this:

    dev: size erasesize name
    mtd0: 000a0000 00020000 "misc"
    mtd1: 00480000 00020000 "recovery"
    mtd2: 00300000 00020000 "boot"
    mtd3: 0fa00000 00020000 "system"
    mtd4: 02800000 00020000 "cache"
    mtd5: 093a0000 00020000 "userdata"

    8. To dump these files to a .img use the following command:

    "dd if=/dev/mtd/mtd1 of=/sdcard/ITEM_TO_DUMP.img bs=4096"

    replacing ITEM_TO_DUMP with "boot" or "recovery"

    9. Once complete, you should fins these image files in the root of your SD Card

    And that's it!

    Word of warning. Addictive Tips point out that you CANNOT use this method to create a dump of /system as it will not produce a viable image file.

    Phew, thats one hurdle over, will now go ahaed and try for full root :)
  6. LordErebus

    LordErebus Member

    I know people will probably be getting a little annoyed at how stupid i must sound, but i ask this only for clarification.

    After painstaking searching, i've decided to bite the bullet and downgrade my hboot to 1.01.0001. My only question before doing this is, does this wipe my data? If so, damn, but nevermind i've got it backed up, will just need to reinstall/setup everything again.

    Thanks guys
  7. LordErebus

    LordErebus Member

    Hey guys

    Been a while but i am slowly working towards root. My most recent problem is still downgrading Mr Annoying Hboot.

    So here's what i did. After much searching the net i found a post on XDA that lists all the shipped ROM's for the Wildfire. Not particularly wanting to debrand my phone (i've grown rather attached to boot screen) i downloaded and ran the original Eclair (H3G UK) ROM and it did downgrade my phone; also, word of warning this does wipe your data so do what i do and backup your stuff; repeatedly.

    Anyways, the curious thing is that the contained within the EXE file shows the Hboot version as being "Hboot 0.80.0003", however, upon booting into recovery mode it is still showing up as "Hboot 1.01.0002".

    I followed the instructions on the link to the letter. I did get Error [140] and ran Step 1 from this link like was suggested, but not Step 2, coz i may have left my SD Card sitting next to my phone not in it :eek:. Even so, without the Gold Card it still downgraded my ROM :D; i'm guessing i didn't need it as Gold Card's only seem to be required when flashing a ROM that is different from the phones original carrier; e.g. flashing a Vodafone ROM to a T-Mobile Phone would require a Gold Card. However, it still seems that my Hboot just doesn't want to change :(.

    Going to try and rename/run the from my SD Card to see if that changes it but i'm not hopeful. Any thoughts on why Hboot didn't downgrade too? I.e. should i have just gone and used the WWE_Froyo ROM instead?

    Thanks guys!
  8. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

    Too root your device

    Gold card your sd-card
    Downgrade your hboot
    Obtain s-off
    Run an Eclair RUU
    Then use unrEVOked

    Gold carding your sdcard is a must to avoid annoying problems, it makes everything soo much easier because if a process has outlined what to do, you gotta follow it :p
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  9. Davidcvy

    Davidcvy Member

    Good Days to both of you...
    Can You guys tech me how to Root My HTC Wildfire a3333
    now is on V2.2.1
    i try already on superuser but always No Respond .... >.< so can you tech me plus give me some download link to upgrade my phone to Cyanagen Mod..
    Thanks for the help.....
    From David (Malaysia)
  10. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

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