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Root is now Available

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  1. mcgraham89

    mcgraham89 Well-Known Member


    First off, I'd like to thank Jmz for sending me the link to this thread. If it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't have even known about this.

    Secondly, credit for this method goes to Bin4ry who created this simple batch file that will root the Kyocera Rise and other ICS/JB phones.

    Here are the basics. Doesn't get simpler than this.

    1) Download the file ( I used v3 ) and Unzip to your PC.
    2) Make sure that you have USB Debugging enabled via settings, Developer Options and plug in your Rise to your PC Via the USB Cable.
    3) Run the "RunMe.Bat" file from the directory that you unzipped the file too. Then choose "Option 4 Other" and follow the instructions.

    The whole process took about 2 minutes to complete and afterwards the phone was rooted. I'd suggest updating SuperUser as well.

    Here is the link: Root MANY ANDROID! [Upd: 17.09.2012] - xda-developers

    I'd also suggest making a backup with Titanium until a custom recovery is created for the phone.

    As of now, JMZ plans on doing some work with this phone in the near future so be sure to thank him. Also please donate to the people that develop on these phones.



  2. jmz

    jmz Well-Known Member

    As a side note. Don't get froggy and try to flash an unsecured boot.img. it will bootloop with what appears to be no way to recover from it. ONLY use this root to use root apps. Not to mod /system /boot /recovery
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  3. stgray78

    stgray78 New Member

    is anyone working on a jelly bean rom for this
  4. DannySihapanya

    DannySihapanya Well-Known Member

    I did this and I enabled debugging mode.

    I enabled File Transfer mode too instead of charging mode and it doesn't seem to say anything after it says "Connect device with ADB Debugging enabled now"
  5. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    I think you should wait for an ICS ROM first. I'm just here because I found out you guys have some updated drivers I would like to look at.:D

    From what I have seen, it seems to be a revamped Milano. I would suggest watching over there and seeing what can be shared.
  6. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    Can you do me a flavor? I would like to play with your drivers if you don't mind. Nothing nasty, it's just you have the same processor as we do and I have been searching for ICS drivers for it. I am hoping if I can get the drivers then one of the other DEVs can port them to our phone.

    I can hunt down the script to pull them if you need me to. I just need to make sure it will work on all Android phones.
  7. DannySihapanya

    DannySihapanya Well-Known Member

    Uhh.... if you can direct me to the right stuff I can. I have no idea what you are talking about.
  8. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    I'm still learning this stuff myself.
    And I'm on my Windows machine and the script isn't on here.
    That's script I was talking about. It's written for Linux, bash to be exact, but sense that's the most common shell, Linux. You could clone it or do a copy and paste. Let me know if you need help, I'll be on later to help someone else and I can walk you through a bunch.

    PS: I really appreciate this.
  9. AdamUrquhart

    AdamUrquhart New Member

    I purchased the Virgin Mobile version of this phone and it doesn't appear to work.

    It goes through the Restore step successfully, reboots, then...

    Going to copy files to it's place mount: permission denied <are you root?>

    Then the message about closing out windows and such.

    That's with using v11. Any suggestions?
  10. NerdasaurusRex

    NerdasaurusRex Active Member

    You could have it rooted, but the prompt might have glitched, just look through your phone for superSU. When I rooted mine I didn't notice any difference and when I saw superSU I knew it worked.

    If not, check to make sure you have USB debugging mode on. and try again. and if it still doesn't work, hopefully someone more qualified can help you. <3

    I also have the VM rise and used this method and it worked for me.
  11. Angel1620

    Angel1620 Member

    Can you make a video on youtube for how to root the Kyocera rise because for some reason this is not working on my Kyocera rise and can you make directions for how just to do it on this phone
  12. DannySihapanya

    DannySihapanya Well-Known Member

    What he said.
  13. NerdasaurusRex

    NerdasaurusRex Active Member

    will do.
  14. NerdasaurusRex

    NerdasaurusRex Active Member

  15. NumberXV

    NumberXV Well-Known Member

    Followed the instructions (used V3) and my phone was rooted quickly.
    Thanks I was looking all over for a root.
    Factory reset worked fine with my phone FYI
  16. Angel1620

    Angel1620 Member

    I finally got it rooted then changed the build.prop and changed it so I can play gameloft games so I rebooted it and now all it shows is a blank black page what should I do. Also I used the ast reboot app and once that happened it never went back to normal its just blank. Also what should I do if theres nothing to fix it with because I cant return it because I rooted it.Also for some reason it still allows my to root my phone again but not unroot and the debugging is still working
  17. paradigmcity

    paradigmcity New Member

    I have root access to everything using this method, however, none of my root required apps are listed in superuser and the binary updater fails at step "making sure new su works". but again, everything's working just fine (ex: titanium backup) so i don't even know if this is a big problem.

    not sure if it matters but i used the d/l v13. the original post used v3 and i think @NerdasaurusRex's video went to v11.
  18. NerdasaurusRex

    NerdasaurusRex Active Member

    My apps aren't listed in superuser either, I think that is actually pretty common. As for the binary updater, I don't know about that, but if everything is running fine and you have root access, I don't think it's something you should worry about.
  19. DannySihapanya

    DannySihapanya Well-Known Member

    I rooted and i cant update super user. I have 0.96 and downloaded the superuser updater fixer and still didnt work.
  20. NerdasaurusRex

    NerdasaurusRex Active Member

    Uninstall superuser and reinstall the one from the market place. HERE if that doesn't work I'll send you the .apk for the current version.
  21. DannySihapanya

    DannySihapanya Well-Known Member

    Thats the same app I downloaded and its still on 0.96.

  22. DannySihapanya

    DannySihapanya Well-Known Member

    Has ANYONE been successful in updating superuser? I am still on 0.96. And would love to stay updated to 3.1.1
  23. cole2kb

    cole2kb Member

    FYI, Kyocera says the kernel source will be available sometime at the end of this month through mid November.
  24. DannySihapanya

    DannySihapanya Well-Known Member

    Whats a kernel source if you dont mind me asking
  25. cole2kb

    cole2kb Member

    source code for our phone. It should, in theory, aid a developer to unlock the bootloader and build a custom recovery, which could mean some custom ROMs.

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