Root LG Enlighten Gingerbread 2.3.4

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  1. shadokreep

    shadokreep Member

    Has anyone rooted their LG Enlighten successfully? I found a couple of webpages that tells us Enlighten owners to use Gingerbreak but I haven't had any success as the phone hangs while trying to root.
    Well if anyone has done it, please share with us.

  2. braunyaur

    braunyaur New Member

    Hmmmm...It appears that I am not able to post images because I haven't posted enough times

    As a new user you cannot yet post links or images. When you reach the required number of posts this filter will be lifted. This is an anti-spam measure, we apologize for any inconvenience."

    So, becaues of the interminable hoops that have to be jumped through just to help people anymore...I'm deleting all of the information I had in here, and will just say this - The Enlighten CAN be rooted...I've done it, and can repeat it. I had issues over on YouTube adding a comment, so came here hoping to share what I found with everyone. Instead, I get roadblocks here as well. I'm sure this will be removed by the admins soon, so to everyone who could have been helped...The information is sitting on my desktop.
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  3. fsdfgasgfisd

    fsdfgasgfisd Member

    I made a more in dept tutorial with links for rooting the LG enlighten
    Here is the tutorial

    have rooted my LG enlighten. I am going to make a video of the correct way in a couple of days, but I will tell you how I did.
    1. I installed the latest drivers for the LG enlighten. Just google it and choose the first link.
    2. I then installed the android sdk and adb correctly so my device gets detected when in USB debugging mode (I also put the connectivity to modem connection) I used the first tutorial if you google "How to install adb" Its the first link aswell.
    3. Now I put my LG enlighten in USB debugging mode, with connectivity set to modem, and install nonmarket apps on.
    4. I connect my phone and it was detected by adb.
    5. Go to youtube and search LG enlighten root and choose the video with the title that say optimus slider/enlighten/esteem. Go to his description and the LG esteem root from the site he linked.
    6. Run the program and... BOOM you are rooted and installs the superuser app during the process.
    7. Enjoy.
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  4. shadokreep

    shadokreep Member

    thx, i'll give it a try tonight and see how it goes.
  5. EdNerd

    EdNerd Well-Known Member

    Thank you, fsdfgasgfisd. Much better attitude for helping than the person just before you. We appreciate your help to this community.
  6. ragesfury

    ragesfury Member

    SW Version: VS700ZV5 Makes this method obsolete.
  7. Biotic

    Biotic Well-Known Member Developer

    So im assuming a method of root is needed for the farthest along firmware update?

    Knowing everyone should be using voodoo ota root keeper when updating their device with root
  8. abisdad

    abisdad New Member

    Know how you feel - I just tried to post plain text, and still have this response, it took me a long time to get it right before I posted too....
  9. Douglast1985

    Douglast1985 New Member

    can you help me. im using the 2.3.4 lg enlighten? Thanks
  10. shadokreep

    shadokreep Member

    I can help you but have you tried anything yet? I actually rooted my phone but make sure you are using 'SW Version VS700ZV4' on Android 2.3.4.(Just go to 'Settings' -> 'About Phone' and it should list the information. I'm not familiar with the new software update. I heard they patched the new software update so you're gonna have to find another way to root it. So if you updated your software to a newer version then this guide may not work.

    Assuming you have the SW version and Android version stated above, Here are the instructions:
    (I am not responsible if you brick your phone. This will more than likely void your warranty. Do this at your own risk.)

    DO NOT CONNECT PHONE to PC YET. Only when instructed to do so.

    First download these files onto PC:
    1. Official LG mobile USB drivers (This may not be necessary b/c the phone drivers are automatically installed when connected to the PC.)
    2. PdaNet (DL whichever one that works with your Windows (x86 or x64).)
    3. Android SDK tools. (DL the .exe file).
    4. LG Esteem Drivers With Root. (Download the one that says ''.

    Prepare your phone.
    1. Back up files such as contacts, pictures, music, apps, etc. that you may want.
    2. Go to Settings -> Connectivity and change Default Connection Mode to 'Modem'.
    3. Go to Settings -> Applications and make sure 'Unknown Sources' is checked.
    4. Next, go to Settings -> Applications -> Development and make sure 'USB Debugging' is checked.

    PC (Vista x86)
    . On PC install Android SDK tools to C:\android-sdk-windows\
    2. Next, make sure only 'Android SDK Platform-tools, revision xx.' is checked.
    3. download the SDK Platform tools by clicking on install and then on "accept' and then install.
    4. This next step involves you to create a Windows System Restore point since we are messing with some windows environment variables. This will screw your computer up if something is typed in wrong. So create a system restore.
    After creating a system restore point, right-click on Computers (Using explorer), click on 'Properties', 'Advanced System Settings', click on 'Advanced' tab, and click on 'Environment Variables' button. (NOTE: These steps are for Vista, if you're using 7 or XP, you have to find the exact steps to get to the Environmet variables. which are very similar.)
    6. Under 'System Variables' find "Path" and double click to edit or choose edit.
    7. In the pop up box, on the second line called the 'Variable Value', click inside the box and move the cursor all the way to the end and enter this:
    (The semi-colons are included!)
    Click 'Ok' to save it. Click 'OK' on the previous screens also to save and exit out.
    8. Next go back to the Android SDK program and install the 'Google USB Drivers'. Make sure only 'Google USB Drivers' is checked and then install it.
    9. Install PdaNet just like any other program.
    10. Choose 'LG' when asked for the drivers.
    11. Choose "Install anyways" if a driver signature popup appears.
    12. NOW it will ask you to connect your phone to the PC. DO IT.
    13. Now if everything went well, PdaNet will detect the phone (about a couple of minutes) and ask if you want to install the drivers. Choose 'Install'. If everything worked then continue on. if not send me a message.
    14. After it has successfully installed, you need to check if it is working correctly by going to "Device Manager" in Windows and checking under the list for 'ADB'. If ADB is on there, then continue on.
    15. Extract the 'LG Esteem' to anywhere on your computer that you prefer.
    16. Find 'run.bat' and right-click the file and 'Run as Administrator'. Program will run and install everything for root onto your phone.
    (I don't remember what happens after this but, I think your phone should restart itself.)
    THE END.

    Thanks to fsdfgasgfisd, his guide helped me figure out how to get my phone rooted. You can refer to his guide too if you like. His guide didn't work for me but it made it easier for me to root my Enlighten.

    I am not an expert at rooting phones but the steps I listed were the steps I used to get mine rooted.

    If you sucessfully got your phone rooted, I advise that you download fileExpert (a file explorer app). Also download 'Bloat Freezer' (freezes programs but doesn't delete them.) and 'LBE *************' (firewall that needs root access). BLoat freezer can be found on the web by Googling. save the .apk file and save it onto a folder created on your sd card. Use fileExpert and locate the file and install Bloat freezer. LBE ************* and FileExpert can be found in the Play market. Note that bloat freezer is a useful program but is supported by adware. So that's why I recommended LBE ************* which after installing Bloat freezer and freezing some apps, then deny Bloat freezer access to the Internet and Wifi with LBE.
    The reason I recommended bloat freezer is that it will block the phone's automatic software update. open bloat freezer and find the software update and 'freeze it'. There are other similar programs out there but I've just been using this one since I got my phone rooted.

    If you have any questions, just post it on here and I'll get back to you asap.

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  11. Biotic

    Biotic Well-Known Member Developer

    trying to find a restore method o.o
  12. ragesfury

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