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  1. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Ok folks, it's never been easier to root your phone than it is right now. Not only that, but follow this upgrade process, and you will have a rooted phone that runs Apps2SD by default. (Where apps are stored on the SD card rather than in internal memory). You will have up to 1GB of storage for apps depending on the size of your SD card.

    Anyway, it only requires 3 simple steps to rooting your vanilla Android 1.5 or 2.1 Spica/Lite/Portal phone. (if your phone is already rooted, you can follow this guide to install the lastst firmware, and then re-root your phone after.)

    If you already have a 2.1 android firmware you're happy with, but just want to root your phone, then you can jump to Rooting your Phone and begin using Apps2SD.

    There are many threads on how to root your phone, but they all need a few basic software items.
    Firstly you'll need the latest Samsung Android 2.1 Phone firmware Here:
    (currently as of this link, August I570EXXJH6)

    Get it Here I570EXXJH6 (75Mb)
    (Password )

    Next you'll need the software to install it. Commonly referred to as Odin and the install file for the Spica/Lite/Portal.

    Get it here. Odin v4.03 & spica_jc3_ops Files

    Lastly, you'll need the update that will finally root your phone.
    You can read more about the Root update, and download it here..

    N.B. You're looking for the link to the file. i5700_LK2-08_PDA.7z

    LK2.08 Root for Original Firmwares

    Once you have all these files, extract them into a single directory.

    If you haven't installed the USB drivers that came with your phone, you can either use the USB drivers than came on the CD, or if you want the latest USB drivers, install Kies Samsing PC Software

    Have a look through this video from Youtube on rooting your phone, for a rough idea of what's involved. Be aware, the the video refers to earlier files, therefore use my up to date versions instead.

    Root Guide

    Below is my brief guide on installing firmware, however please read up on using Odin and installing new firmwares available in many other threads.

    If you wish to backup your phone and it's details see my earlier post here, aimed at beginners and non-rooted phones.

    Beerkan's Quickie Backup Guide

    N.B. Make sure your phone is NOT pattern or password protected when it starts up.

    To start.

    Do NOT have the USB cable plugged in, until necessary.

    Also DO NOT have KIES or the NPS software running.

    Extract ALL FILES from I570EXXJF6.rar to single directory.
    Extract Odin v4.03 & spica_jc3_ops Files into this directory too.

    Run odin.exe
    (You may need to run in Administrator Mode. RMB on Odin, and choose properties -> [x] Run in Compatability, and choose WinXP SP3. Click OK. Then, RMB again, on Odin.exe and choose RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. If you get Ignore path warnings in Chinese, just click OK/Cancel.)

    On the right hand side windows Select these files.

    OPS = spica_jc3_ops
    One Package = I570EXXJH6.tar

    Left hand side window
    [x] One Package
    [x] Reboot (ticked)
    [x] Protect OPS (ticked)
    [x] Reset Time (ticked) 300
    [ ] Debug (not ticked)

    Power off the phone.

    Now Press and hold down in order
    "Volume Down + Camera Key + Power On"

    Might take a couple of tries.
    Wait till you see Downloading Screen, come up.

    Connect phone to PC.

    Watch top left in Odin for COM Port mapping. When the phone is correctly connected this will display which com port the PC is connected to.

    If this does not happen, ensure you have USB drivers installed. Odin can be a bit of a git, so you may need to try other things. Unplug the USB and re-insert it. Try another USB port. Rebooot the phone, put in into download mode again, try rebooting PC and start again.

    When you DO see COM Port mapping in Odin, click Start.

    Takes about 3 mins, and you will see a green progress bar.

    Wait for your phone to reboot, about (2 mins) with No Sim message.
    Odin should say PASS!
    Disconnect phone USB cable from PC
    Close Odin.

    Wait for phone to boot, then power off phone and insert SIM & SD.

    N.B. If the firmware defaults to Dutch Language after updating, change it with these instructions:-

    Landinstelling en tekst
    Landinstelling selecteren
    English (United Kingdom)

    You can power it on, and checkout Android 2.1 if you wish.

    Once you have upgraded your firmware, throughly check the phone is all working etc.

    Rooting Your Phone and begin using Apps2SD

    It is possible to root your phone if you are already using 2.1 firmware. However, you may encounter issues with this root update, because Apps2SD, and specifically your phone, may not work because it will not see previously installed Apps on the phone's interal memory.

    To get round this, the best solution, is to lose all your installed apps, delete all installed apps, and install these Apps again. However, you can also install the root update, go into Recovery Mode manually, and clear the cache and dalvik-cache, which should retain your previously installed apps. in this case, you will have Apps installed in the internal memory, AND have new ones installed on the SD card.

    I would reccommend deleting all installed apps, clear the caches from Recovery Mode, root your phone and then re-install these Apps so they are installed to the SD.

    You can read more about the Root update, and download it here..

    N.B. You're looking for the link to the file. i5700_LK2-08_PDA.7z

    LK2.08 Root for Original Firmwares

    If you have not installed any new Apps, and wish to now root your phone, you need to perform another upgrade using Odin.

    But this time you will use the i5700_LK2-08_PDA file. (remember to extract it into same directory as Odin.) you just downloaded.

    N.B. As already stated, rooting the phone to use Apps2SD will require the SD card to be formatted, so backup the SD card contents you wish to keep to your PC.)

    To put phone into Download mode. Power off, and then
    "Volume Down + Camera Key + Power On"

    In Odin on the right hand side windows Select these files.

    OPS = spica_jc3.ops
    BOOT =
    PHONE =
    PDA = i5700_LK2-08_PDA
    CSC =

    Left hand side window
    [ ] One Package (not ticked)
    [x] Reboot (ticked)
    [x] Protect OPS (ticked)
    [x] Reset Time (ticked) 300
    [ ] Debug (not ticked)

    Plug in phone and wait for COM mapping to appear. Click start to install root update.

    This process will be much quicker, and your phone will reboot.

    We now need to put phone into Recovery mode to complete the installation.

    To enter recovery mode manually, power off the phone, then press
    Vol Down + Call + Power On

    We will need to format the SD card with 2 partitions.

    1. An ext2 partition to store the Apps onto. (only visible to the phone's OS)
    2. A FAT32 Partition for all other files. (Visable via your phone and PC)

    Remember, again, you will lose ALL data on your SD card, so backup what you need.

    When the phone recovery screen appears.


    You will need to do the following:-
    Using the 4 way navigation key
    Press down and select
    Partition sdcard ->
    Press OK to select it.
    Choose what size you want your Apps Partition (256Mb to 1Gb)
    Make 1024M ext2 on SD
    Press OK
    Now Press Home Key to execute and Partition the SD.
    Once formatted, choose Reboot System Now.

    Once the phone has booted it will automatically save apps on the SD CARD.

    Congratulations. Your phone should now be rooted, and to make life easier, you can install the Android SDK and use Android Commander to add/remove files.


    Have a Beer

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  2. AzaToth

    AzaToth New Member

    If I'm not running Windows (I'm a linux nerd), any idea how I should proceed?
    I tried to run odin through wine, but weren't able for it to smell the USB :(
  3. ironman159

    ironman159 New Member

    hey beerkan!
    Nice guide but could you make a thread for turbolibs or Jit? How many MFLOPS have you got with Turbolibs? Please advise
    my regards ironman159
  4. Matt_L

    Matt_L New Member

    Only one question. Can I root the phone if I am locked to my network operator? Or do I have to unlock the phone first? Coz the upgrade to 2.1 went without a problem, I am just wondering what`s the case with rooting.
  5. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    You can root your phone just fine, even if it's locked to your operator. Rooting your phone will still leave the phone locked to your opertator, but leave it open for many other upgrades etc.

    Just ensure your phone is NOT pattern or password protected before trying to update.
  6. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    One step at a time friend. Once you root your phone, it's easy peasy lemon squeezy to install JIT and turbolibs.

    Follow this guide to root your phone, then install Turbo libs by copying the to your SD card and use the Recovery mode to install the zip.

    To enter recovery mode manually, power off the phone, then press
    Vol Down + Call + Power On

    From here you can choose to install any .Zip file.

    You can read more about Samdroid TurboLibs and where to download it below.

    Samdroid Turbo Libs
  7. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Yep meeto big Linux fan, as Android is based on Linux. But I'm afraid you may have to use Windows to install the update, as Odin is only available in Windows. There might be hope however.

    Check out this thread for further info..

    Linux and Odin
  8. alyshehata

    alyshehata New Member

    hey i did everything and it works, the only thing is i didnt get the recovery screen after rooting it, so i dont think i setup app2sd properly. shall i try flashing again?
  9. alyshehata

    alyshehata New Member

    ok i figured it out.. entered recovery and did it manually :D
  10. Snazzy

    Snazzy Well-Known Member

    I am thinking of buying a Spica but it is locked presumably to another Operator Rogers. I want to unlock it to work on Bell's network for which I have a SIM. Will the above process unlock the operator or is that another process? Thanks.

    If I do require a IME unlock does anyone have any experience with the MANY unlocking companies out there? Which one is reputable? Thanks.
  11. Cruden

    Cruden Well-Known Member

    Ca anyone tell me if I can get my phone out of download mode? It froze and odin apnow cannot detect my phone, please help asp
  12. Cruden

    Cruden Well-Known Member

    Got it sorted and trying again, but no green progress bar on the phone screen, any help woulg be greatly apreciated
  13. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    If you rooted your phone successfully, you can enter Recovery Mode manually.

    Power off the phone, then press
    Vol Down + Call + Power On

    Here is the recovery screen.

  14. Cruden

    Cruden Well-Known Member

    Any suggestions beerkan?
  15. Cruden

    Cruden Well-Known Member

    update worked fine but now i cannot access the net on my phone, any ideas? how can i fix this?
  16. Cruden

    Cruden Well-Known Member

    Ok, done everything on the guide, phone works fine, but no internet on my phone, can only make calls and recieve texts, any help?
  17. Snazzy

    Snazzy Well-Known Member

    You need to rebuild your APN. It is carrier dependent so google your carrier name plus APN and then add it.

    Beerkan. Can you look at my question above? Will these unlock instructions remove any IMEI lock that the phone I want to purchase may have? Thank you.
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  18. *Centurion

    *Centurion Member

    check SIM lock status using *#7465625#
  19. Snazzy

    Snazzy Well-Known Member

    I don't have the phone yet, it is a potential Craig's list purchase. If it is locked can these phones be IMEI unlocked as per the online unlocking services? Thank you.
  20. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Ok should be easy to sort. You need to enter your APN settings.

    Wireless & Networks
    Mobile networks
    Access Point Names
    Under here there should be an entry for your provider.

    If not you will have to create one. Also you'll need your carriers APN settings. You could ask your provider to text them to you via their help line, or check on their webite for the settings. Failing that google your carriers name and APN settings, for exmple

    google "TMobile US APN settings"

    Who's your provider?
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  21. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    IMEI unlocks should work ok. I personally haven't tried one, but make sure its one of those get your money back ones if it fails.
  22. Cruden

    Cruden Well-Known Member

    Tmobile uk, it seems to be working now, just manually entered APN settings. Does anybody know how to get the samsung keyboard back? Only thing I hate about the upgrade is the android keyboard, i prefer the samsung one.
  23. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    I don't think Samsung Keyboard works in 2.1. I have a couple of versions of the Samsung keyboard, and they both Force Close in 2.1.
  24. smoke_weed

    smoke_weed Active Member

    i updated before with the official rogers update
    will this work with baseband version I5700UXJF6
    build nummber ECLAIR.UXJF6
    i just want to root it so i can customize my phone to get live wallpaper and get a black status bar
  25. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Yes it will work. Make a backup of anything you wish to keep. See the backup guide in the OP.

    Once your rooted, I'll upload a LiveWallpapers update guide you can easily install.

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