root Nook HD+?

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  1. bill hansen

    bill hansen Member

    I'm seriously considering purchase of the Nook HD+, but I would want to root it. I haven't seen any third-party reviews or user reviews of the HD+, so if anyone knows of these, I'd be grateful if you could point me to them.

    Also, any experience with rooting the HD+ would be welcome. Does anyone know whether the procedures for rooting the Color Nook or the Nook Tablet would apply to the HD+ ? I doubt that they would, but there's always that chance.

    Thanks - Bill Hansen

  2. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Hi Bill,
    First of all you're in the wrong forum. This is for the Nook Color. The only thing they have in common is B&N Store. :D

    Secondly, there's no reason to try to buy a new reader and hack it to be a tablet. You'll end up with stuff that doesn't work or you potentially have to wait a long time for the features you want.

    There's lots of cheap tablets out there. If you want a tablet, my recommendation is to buy a Nexus 7 or 10.

    Here's the proper forum:
  3. bill hansen

    bill hansen Member

    Thanks for your reply. You may be right about the lack of wisdom in rooting an e-reader. What I'm looking for, ideally, is a tablet or reader which is larger than 7 inches (so magazines, etc could be viewed better and notes or email would be easier for my old fingers to type out, and which would allow me access to my Gmail account - see, I don't want much) but which is lighter and more portable than a 10 inch tablet. Maybe there is no animal like that, at present. Of the 7 inchers, the Nexus 7 looks the best to me.

    But maybe I'll just wait a few months and see if some new tablet comes along, or maybe even a reader which doesn't limit me to one store (like B&N, which I like very much but....)

    Of the 10 inchers currently available, the new model Asus Transform appeals the most

  4. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    I'd be interested in what you decide to do and why. :D

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