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  1. shyguy6463

    shyguy6463 New Member

    Noob Question:
    I rooted my infuse (stock froyo rom) this morning and flashed clockworkmod recovery in case I wanted to flash a custom rom. Then I got into root explorer and got rid of some bloatware.

    Ever since I did that, I get an error saying something like "camera failed" when I try to record video. The youtube app has also had connection problems, but then again, the signal here in Leesburg is pretty mediocre.

    Does this have anything to do with the phone being rooted, or are these common bugs?:confused:

  2. dparrothead1

    dparrothead1 Member

    It's not the root, but sometimes when you start deleting things you can cause problems. I would suggest going ahead and installing a custom ROM and that will get rid of all your bloatware and should solve your problems.

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