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  1. Xceptiona1

    Xceptiona1 Member

    Does rooting your phone cause you to lose anything functionality? My understanding is that you are putting a new image on the phone. By doing that, are you going to lose abilities that are specific to Sprint? Such as if they put specialized applications on the store or some other sort of proprietary thing? Thank you

  2. Captain Starfish

    Captain Starfish Well-Known Member

    Rooting itself doesn't cause you to lose anything concerning functionality, unless you flash an experimental ROM.

    If anything you'll be able to use more applications, namely the ones that require root. That's just what I'm thinking though, maybe others can chime in?
  3. Xceptiona1

    Xceptiona1 Member

    To clarify my understanding, rooting the phone just gives you root/admin access to the OS. Flashing the ROM is something totally different, where you replace the OS per-se?

    So if you root your phone, you should be able to just turn on the mifi ability rather than downloading an app to tether correct?
  4. Captain Starfish

    Captain Starfish Well-Known Member

    I'm no expert on the subject, but the only way to turn tethering on with root is through an application, whatever that application may be.

    I use the free app Wireless Tether in the market, and it gets the job done so I'm satisfied.
  5. zepdroid

    zepdroid Member

    Can anyone explain me what difference between root and unroot?? I saw some application mentioned rooted or unroot etc...

    How do I know if I am rooted or unroot? I think rooted means you cracked inside software and make some edit to whatever as like " illegal thingy "??
  6. Captain Starfish

    Captain Starfish Well-Known Member

    If you haven't messed with your phone's inner workings you don't have root.

    Also it isn't illegal to root your phone. However it voids your warranty unless you unroot it when you take it for repairs or something.

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