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Root question

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  1. nisssmo

    nisssmo Member

    I am planning on rooting my S2 with this method
    How to Root AT&T Galaxy S2! [SGH-I777] | Galaxy S2 Root
    However he shows to use odin 1.85 . I have been able to download 1.82 and can not for the life of me get 1.85 to work for me. Every time I try to download 1.85 i get this message [​IMG]

    . Can I follow his method with 1.82 or continue to try and get 1.85?

    Thank you and sorry for the super noob question.

  2. geomax45

    geomax45 Well-Known Member

    When I extracted Odin 1.85 it produced an .ini file also. Put the .ini file in the same directory as the executable and try again. Worked for me.
  3. nisssmo

    nisssmo Member

    Worked great. Thank you
  4. nisssmo

    nisssmo Member

    updated with new question.

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