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Root questions for htc droid eris replacement new or refurbished

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  1. Droid clone

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    Jun 18, 2010
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    ok here is my question. i have just recently broke my droid eris. i went to verizon on thursday to get a new one they said they were out of stock.

    Question 1 when they told me the phone is out of stock in the store does this mean i will get a brand new droid eris fresh out the box??

    Question 2 do the new droid eris come with stock 1.5 fresh out the box???

    question 3 if i do not recieve a new fresh out the box droid eris will i get a 1.5 phone or a 2.1 ota phone

    question 4 if so were will i find the forum on the 2.1 ota rooting process


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