[ROOT] Root Method for Asus Fonepad

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  1. skalagix

    skalagix New Member

    ALL CREDITS BELONG TO botto00 over at xda-developer forums
    I am merely compiling this on websites to provide ease of access to any Search-engine viewers.

    botto00 has reverse-engineered Asus Fonepad .RAW format firmware files to include a root along with Superuser installed.

    With the modified firmwares, the method to install is the same as any other Asus manual update from the website.
    This PDF by Asus explains how to use Droidboot to update firmware files.


    Currently modified releases are:
    V3.2.3 for the WW SKU
    V3.2.3 for the TW SKU
    V3.2.2 for the JP SKU
    V3.2.2 for the CN SKU
    V3.2.3 for the CHT SKU

    The firmware can be used to downgrade or upgrade without limits. A full wipe is not required, but may be recommended if you are experiencing issues.

    The link to the download for the WW-SKU V3.2.3 Modified FW is located here.

    Size 684128530

    The link to the download for the TW-SKU V3.2.3 Modified FW is located here.

    File size 770768540

    The link to the download for the JP-SKU V3.2.2 Modified FW is located here.

    File size 689267591

    The link to the download for the CN-SKU V3.2.2 Modified FW is located here.

    File Size: 602883859

    The link to the download for the CHT SKU V3.2.3 Modified FW is located here.

    File size 779790396

    If your Fonepad is from a different region, it will not let you install a non-corresponding firmware, currently there is no method for Fonepad's to change regions.

    Original Thread at XDA Here
    If you have the opportunity be sure to thank botto00, he is too humble to accept donations.

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  2. hamid novin

    hamid novin New Member

    Hi, I have tablet asus fonepad 32 gig ME371MG first build number was WW 3.2.2 after update from internet new versian go to WW 3.2.3 and android 4.1.2 please help me witch root file is my tablet. can i general root it ? please guide me but i dont buy microsd yet. Thanks
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  3. shinodan

    shinodan New Member

    Hey could you provide alternate links please, the google drive has exeeded its limit :(
  4. leoncamile

    leoncamile New Member

    Will this erase files, apps, etc?
  5. jayanta9

    jayanta9 New Member

    Hi , I have tablet asus fonepad 32 gb ME371MG build number was WW_epad-3.2.3 and android 4.1.2 please help me how to access root . can i use it root mode ? please Help me, i have a sandisk class4 16gb micro sd .

    Thanks in advance . . .
  6. pardalcv

    pardalcv New Member

    Thank you very much, good job, helped me to install Debian Linux :)
  7. Mahmoud2024

    Mahmoud2024 New Member

    me too
  8. gaz1983

    gaz1983 New Member

    Hi i ve got fonepad 16g v3.2.5 can i still able to root and which is the correct link thay i need to install?
  9. varunsingh12

    varunsingh12 New Member

    Dear Users,

    let me know the method to root my ASUS Fonepad v3.2.5

    I am from India (Delhi) which file should I select.

    Thanks in advance


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  10. sanny16

    sanny16 New Member

    I have asus fonepad , model is k004 and v3.4.0 is the build number. Where can i get the file or details to root my device?

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