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  1. So, I purchased one of the HTC Rhyme phones for my wife to try, and was going to return it if she didn't like it, but it is looking like she is going to want to keep it.

    Having said that, is anyone even interested in Rooting the Rhyme? I will want to root it simply for backing up her apps/data, but she's not real keen on custom ROMs. (Besides, it already has Sense 3.5 and Gingerbread.)

    I may be able get something as a "Bounty" for whomever first gets this thing rooted...

  2. Sleek2G

    Sleek2G Well-Known Member

    I have the same dielma. My wife asked me to get her the Rhyme, but didnt want to get it untill (if it ever gets) rooted. She isnt to interested in using custom roms, but i would root it for back ups and other perks she would like.
  3. fixxxer1022

    fixxxer1022 Well-Known Member

    my wife also wants one but i won't buy it until it's rooted. isn't there a temp root for the phone yet? i mean it is a htc so technically you should be able to unlock the bootloader soon.
  4. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Well-Known Member

    Same here, got the wifey this phone, she loves it. I want to root to backup and restore, and tweak the kernel. But, I think not of enough devs will pay attention to this phone.

    Hopefully they will though.
  5. fixxxer1022

    fixxxer1022 Well-Known Member

    i played with one at Verizon and while it's geared for women it's still a nice phone. hell if my wife's lg vortex can be rooted this should be too.

    ill donate for a dev to take this on. today htc released the source code for it too. then ill buy one for her.
  6. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    should be able to get temp root with zergRush,then push su and busybox and have access to /system.

    this would allow you to use root apps,make backups and delete bloatware,however,it would have to be re-done every time the phone is rebooted,as long as it remains s-on and write protected.

    i dont own a ryme so i cant test,but if theres an interest in "temp root" i could put a download and guide together :)
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  7. fixxxer1022

    fixxxer1022 Well-Known Member

    a guide would be nice. so i take it there is zero chances for s-off then? what happened to the promise htc made about us being able to choose to unlock it?
  8. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    i wouldnt say its impossible. it just takes enuff demand to get the right devs to work on it.

    as for htc unlock,prolly same thing happened to it that happend to the rezound- prolly thank verizon :mad:
  9. Ember

    Ember Well-Known Member

    Just got a Rhyme on 2.20 Software, will see what can be done as far as downgrading/ROM development.
  10. Ember

    Ember Well-Known Member


    Unlocked latest bootloader via HTC Dev, zergRush fails 10 times out of 10.

    Attempted to create an unofficial CWM 5.0 Recovery, ended up corrupting my recovery and put me in a bootloop, installed original recovery image and I'm back in the system.

    Rhyme on Software Version #2.20.605.3, tried lots of ways to downgrade, just about impossible without a custom recovery, and nearly corrupted my bootloader in the process.
  11. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    im not sure if the rhyme is doing the same complex checks as the rezound,and other newer phones,so downgrade may or may not be possible. i dont think it matters alot at this point,as there are no known(to me at least) exploits in older firmware.

    i found a clockwork for the rhyme here: HTC Rhyme Root

    tho the image download is really the only useful thing,they were using tools to root an s-off phone :p

    direct link for clockwork: (anzhi.com)bliss-cwm-recovery-en.zip

    the image is buried deep withiin several folders inside that download.

    since your htcdev unlocked,just fastboot flash it.

    if it works,then you could use it to flash superuser 3.0.7

    once you have permanent root access via htcdev and superuser,we could pull the misc image and see about doing a downgrade.some bliss RUUs here: http://www.filefactory.com/f/956ee35d720d3a53/ . 2 of them are vzw.not sure if we can change the CID with htcdev or not. tho again,im not sure if this downgrade has any use.

    i dont know if there are any roms for the rhyme either,tho one could certainly make backups and delete any bloat or htc that they wish :)

    hope this helps :)
  12. Ember

    Ember Well-Known Member

    That recovery puts me in a bootloop. Had to flash back to stock recovery.
  13. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    bummer. what if you dont permanently install it? will it fastboot boot into memory?

    might be fairly easy to port inc 2 recoveries,its a similar,3g only device.

    ill start watching CL for one of these,if i find one cheap,ill snag it :driver:
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