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  1. djgru

    djgru Member

    Shabbypenguin and the Android Creative Syndicate have
    teamed up with UnleashedPrepaids
    to bring root to your Samsung Illusion and Proclaim​


    This will root both the Samung Illusion on verizon and the Proclaim on Straight Talk.

    Youll need to download this app onto your phone: Superuser

    You'll need to grab the following files for your computer;

    Stock Kernel
    Pre-rooted Kernel

    If you need to install the drivers then do so now.
    Extract Odin and launch the program.
    Load the pre-rooted kernel into the PDA slot.
    Put your phone into download mode by powering on the device while holding volume down
    Connect the phone and watch for the yellow com port in odin.
    Click start and wait for the device to reboot

    Congrats you are now rooted, however due to a bug we are still working on there is no wifi/cell service. so youll need to flash the stock kernel listed about following the same instructions to restore your phone back to working (with root) :)

    Megaman X for being a baddass hacker ;)
    Playfulgod for helping with this kernel
    djgru for being our little bitc...-tester!! (oh and hes the one who tipped us off to you guys being without root)

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  2. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    i love samsung phones..thinking of buying this phone sense you have rooted it...looks like it has potential
  3. djgru

    djgru Member

    its got alot and im learning a bunch of cool features the we almost got a flashable tar for you guys to root with :) sorry its taking so long
  4. dbers

    dbers New Member

    Did you root the illusion? And if so what did you do?
  5. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    root should be coming out in a day or so... hit a few snags with stuff.. as it stands we can root but no chance of cwm at this time due to the kernel not having service :/
  6. djgru

    djgru Member

    progress :) soon i can taste it
  7. djgru

    djgru Member

    Anyone having any problems ?
  8. Ganehacker953

    Ganehacker953 New Member

    I like this root as i have done it to my phone but any news on cfw or roms? been looking around and if i can help i would love too :)

    P.S sorry if this is a necro...
  9. MurugaDas

    MurugaDas Well-Known Member

    If anyone on here is willing to help me out. I bricked my phone and am in need of a rooted illusion owner to give me or shabbypenguin some files to get it back to normal. I can compensate as this would save me time and money. Thank you:)
  10. chazla

    chazla New Member

    can we change our roms on this version
  11. solidsnake13

    solidsnake13 Well-Known Member

    I am having a issue with my illusion discharging quicker than normal after I apply the rooted ROM. It was lasting 14-16 hours before the root now it is not even getting to 8 hours. Any idea what might be causing this?
  12. chazz1005

    chazz1005 Member

    Whats the latest regarding cwm recovery, roms, kernels, etc.? Is there anyone currently working on this phone? I'm willing to help if needed
  13. crs22crs22

    crs22crs22 New Member

    Does this root work on the 2.3 firmware or does that make a difference? Also can I use a tether with this root?

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