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[root]t599,t599n & t599v

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  1. Swisaiahag

    Swisaiahag Well-Known Member

    Rooting Guide
    First off, make sure USB debugging is turned on.​
    (Go to settings > developer settings )​
    Next download:http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/
    Download for your Operating System (Windows, Linux, etc.)​
    Extract zip​
    Run Impactor ​
    Click Start ​
    Do NOT disconnect phone during process​
    When done , disconnect phone. and reboot.​
    Download SuperSU and BusyBox from play store

    Now you are done :D

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  2. aethervagrant

    aethervagrant Well-Known Member

    I also found this guide
    A how to guide to rooting the Samsung Exhibit 4G T599
    but havent used it yet.
    Asurion sent me this phone as a replacement for my Premia and so far it sucks BALLS!
    Out of the box it is slow and janky, its not true 4g lte, but 3g+, the processor is slow...all around crap phone so far. Im calling to complain tomorrow and demand that they replace it with something the performs at least as well as my Motion or Premia.
  3. Swisaiahag

    Swisaiahag Well-Known Member

    umm your talking bout the wrong phone . that site is for another phone . this forum for phone in attachment

    Attached Files:

  4. aethervagrant

    aethervagrant Well-Known Member

    Ah. It said t599 and I assumed it was the same phone, but it looks like zerg rush doesn't work on this puppy. thanks for yours, ill see if I can give it a shot before.sending this one back.
  5. exhibit1022

    exhibit1022 New Member

    well i tryied the cydia impactor dident work but dident have any inst i downloaded the program extr to folder turned on debuging on phone there are no instruc on the dowload link on how to use i just clicked on run can anyone help me want to root so i can move apps to sd card .

    well never mind , i said well maybe it did so downloaded supper user and it installed on phone then downloaded t backup well yes this works great my samsung galaxy exhibit is rooted (thanks for that ) :)
  6. t599guy

    t599guy Member

    Hi, I don't understand how to root the phone using this utility though. Please help!

    exhibit1022 said you managed to root it using this utility. Can you post please, step-by-step? I don't understand how to use the program at all!

    I tried downloading first another util that's supposed to root a majority of android phones (Kingo Android Root) but when I connected the phone to my PC and followed the instructions for it (turning on USB Debugging, etc) Kingo did not recognize my phone at all. (The software didn't recognize it... when I connect my phone without the software I can easily transfer files to my phone). A shame, as it looks like that's a super-easy one-click program.

    So I then downloaded the program listed here (Impactor) and wanted to try that. But I don't know HOW TO DO IT! :) There's just a small drop-down box full of seletions.

    Someone wrote here that it's just a two-click process. If it's that simple, can someone please write just a short, simple, step-by-step, how to ROOT the phone using this (or any other) method? I'm very new at this and can't figure out how to use Impactor. Do you need anything else, or just Impactor by itself?

    Please help! If anyone has successfully rooted their phone (with free software, not with expensive pay stuff), please help here and let us know how exactly! It's a great phone (T-Mobile SGH-T599 Galaxy Exhibit) but I really want to root it but can't figure out how. Thank you!!!!
  7. exhibit1022

    exhibit1022 New Member

    make sure u have usb drivers inst for your phone ,make sure usb debuging is on on your phone install impactor,conect your phone useing usb data cable then just click start or run {cant remember i do not have it installed on my computer any more,} if u watch your phone u will see just a very quick action the notifcations bar will drop down but not all the way . this program does not put any apps on your phone like supper user or rom manger u have to download them from play store, this worked for my samsung galaxy exhibit t599 download supper user and titanim backup and u can uninstall the factory installed apps u dont want . good luck but this was very easy u should be rooted after u use this program
    ps my phone is metro pcs it should not make any diff but do not no if tmoble is a littel dif or not ?
  8. t599guy

    t599guy Member

    Thank you so much.. that's what did it! (I didn't install the drivers from Samsung onto my PC first).
    Funny, the supposedly super-easy one-click "Kingo" Rooter that CNET and everyone raves about still didn't work (didn't recognize my phone, even after the drivers).

    Impactor didn't recognize my phone either -- until I downloaded the drivers from Samsung and installed them (Win7 Laptop). That did it. Then when I hit ENTER (or whatever) it started going through its routine, and sure enough it worked. I downloaded a "check if it's rooted" app, and sure enough, it got rooted. And to prove it, I downloaded Adblock Plus -- and it works as it will only work if the phone is rooted. (If you don't root your phone, adblockplus will work with Firefox, but NOT with the included Chrome or Android browser. Google also took Adblockplus off their play store page because they said blocking advertising goes against their terms of service, so if anyone's interested, you CAN get it from adblock plus directly). Basically if your phone is not rooted then adblock plus only blocks ads when using wifi. If you have a rooted phone, it will block them for everything (depending on what you select). And sure enough,it works great. Anyway, thanks again, really appriciate it!
  9. t599guy

    t599guy Member

    (1) It seems that on the T599, Impactor does NOT put a superuser app onto the phone (as it will on other phones). I looked at Android Play store, and there are many choices. Which one is good to use? (hopefully free). Do I even need one? What will a superuser app do exactly? If it will do some good stuff, maybe I should get one. Recommendations? :)

    (2) Can you recommend a good (free) app (now that the phone is rooted) that will let me REMOVE the pre-installed bookmarks that came with the phone? (ie, E!, CNN, Twitter, etc). The normal way to edit or remove bookmarks works only on those you put in yourself... on the tmobile version, there are ones that are locked that you cannot remove. But I've heard if the phone is rooted you can then remove them. Can you recommend a good app to clean out stuff like that?
    Many thanks!
  10. Swisaiahag

    Swisaiahag Well-Known Member

    I recommend SuperSU because it doesn't have as many limitations as super user by chain fire. You need the SuperSu(or any other super user app) app to be able to give apps permission to use the root privileges.

    As for question 2. I have no idea on how to do so? but I'm sure a quick Google search will do you justice.
  11. Swisaiahag

    Swisaiahag Well-Known Member

    I don't know any apps that do so. But I recall seeing a mod over at XDA that allows you to block all ads. Hope that helps
  12. t599guy

    t599guy Member

    Hi Swisaiahag,
    Thanks for your answers. Just one quick question: you said:

    >>I recommend SuperSU because it doesn't have as many limitations as super user by chain fire.

    But... SuperSU is by chain fire, not Super User.

    So which one do you recommend? You recommend SuperSU?

    Do I even need this type of app? Can I ask.. what are some examples of the other apps that need a superuser type app for permissions? Anything cool? Just trying to figure out if it's worth getting... if I really need a super user type app or not.. :)
  13. t599guy

    t599guy Member

    Quick note for anyone reading: it seems that the "move apps to SD card" apps do NOT work on this phone (I saw other posts about it while googling so it's not just me). Basically when you run some of these apps the phone gives a message along the lines of "since your primary external storage is emulated, the move apps function won't work on this device." I tried 3 of them, they all gave the same general kind of "won't work" message. But I did find one program, called "Link2SD" where you can kind of get around that. It's more cumbersome, but it works. First, you MUST re-partition your SD card into two partitions -- in a certain way. You can do it with the card out of the phone by hooking it up to a windows machine (or a mac with other software). If you have a windows machine, get the free "Minitool" partioning program for Windows XP/7/Vista/8 and use that to add a certain type of 2nd primary partition to your sd card. Here's a short tutorial:
    SD card partitioning - XDA-Developers
    Remember to back up any data on the card you might want to save (photos, music, etc) as doing this will wipe the card clean.
    Once you've given the SD card two primary partitions in a manner in which the above tutorial describes, then there's one software program I found that WILL kind of do the same thing (in a more roundabout sort of way): LINK2SD. After your card has been partitioned as above, install LINK2SD. That program's "move app to SD card" function won't work either -- but it offers another command where you can "LINK" everything from the SD card, basically moving it to the SD card but the phone thinks it's just a link. But it will work on certain apps that allow them to be moved. A lot of apps don't allow them to be moved, but some do (for instance, Firefox browser, Beach Buggy Blitz, and Link2SD itself allows themselves to be moved if you wish).
    It's kind of a lot of hassle, but it does work (though again, not all apps will allow themselves to be moved to an SD card). But this one program, Link2SD, will get around the T599 refusing to move stuff to the SD card by doing "linking" to the SD card instead.
    Here's the link for this software:
    Hope that helps some people.

    Oh, and as far as adblocking... if you root your phone, then you can download AdBlockPlus (direct from their site -- it's no longer on Play Store), and (if your phone is rooted) it will filter out all ads on webpages (if you choose not to let friendlier ads in, it's your choice. If you want, you can select it to kill all ads on webpages -- if your phone is rooted).If your phone is not rooted, it will do so only if using wifi (a great reason to root your phone). Anyway, this is a great little phone! :)
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  14. exhibit1022

    exhibit1022 New Member

    to t599guy use the super user that looks like super man icon its yellow with # in the middel like the other post said what super user does is allows rooted phones to use other rooted apps give permission to run the apps . also i told u in the how to root t599 dowload titanium backup from playstore when u run it u will see overview backup/restore and schedules , u want to use backup/restore this will bring up alist of all apps on the phone , then u just tap on the app u dont want and it will show backup freez un-install chose un-install and that will uninstall the apps u dont want .
    as far as moving apps to sd card we will have to wait untill there is a custom rom for the t599 i have looked hi and low and nothing works its not the phone its jellybean ver 4.1.2 will not let u do this rooted or not jelly bean ver 4.3 will let u move apps to sd but havent been able to find for the t599 yet but what u can do is move files like andriod data and files from apps to sd card thats what i do go to my files /all u will see sdcardo and extsdcard sdcard o is phone mem extsdcard is mirosdcard hope this helps u
  15. Swisaiahag

    Swisaiahag Well-Known Member

    SuperSU .. I'm sorry ChainDD is the one with limitations I believe.. Regardless of the dev . The one with the # and superman icon like exhibit1022 guy stated. And you NEED a super user app to get the privileges of being rooted
  16. t599guy

    t599guy Member

    Weirdest thing. I downloaded supersu and installed it... seemed to work ok BUT.. it completely screwed up AdBlockPlus. Weird. Before I installed it, AdBlockPlus worked perfect. As soon as I installed supersu, webpages took twice as long to load, and they're now full of ads (and yes, I made sure adblock plus was still working. I even uninstalled it and installed it again. didn't matter). So I finally uninstalled supersu and adblockplus is back to working perfect and webpages are fast again. Don't understand it. I did check with a root verify ap, and yes, my phone is rooted (also, the fact that adblockplus works with chrome attests to that fact). So for now, I'll just be without a supersu type of program. Don't really need it with other apps at this point (main reason was to get adblockplus working) so...

    Another quick question: how do you get the EQUALS ("=") symbol on the Samsung Keyboard? I can't find it ANYWHERE (I can find other symbols, but not the "="). When I need to type it in, I have to select the Swype keyboard as the default in order to input the "=" sign. I generally do like the Samsung keyboard better (for some reaosn, works with my fingers better) but just wondering... am I missing it anywhere? Even pressing the "123" button (for symbols) brings up a bunch of symbols.. but not the equals sign (likewise, holding down certain keys brings up other symbols not shown anywhere else.. but not the equals sign). Wondering if it's just me, or if Samsung just somehow didn't include an "=" sign in their keyboard (and yes, I have "QWERTY" keyboard type selected for Samsung, not 3/4 type).
  17. exhibit1022

    exhibit1022 New Member


    u should not uninstall superuser when u install a app that is for rooted phones u have to open supper user so that it will allow that app to to work right i have adblock plus on mine and it works ok i realy do not no how well i still get some adds but my phone works the same as it did before i installed adblock plus , you have got to remember that ur phone is rooted??? and u have to use supper user to run the apps correctly. also did you use the supper man looking supper user? reinstall that one and then open supper user to give adblocker plus rights to run it will work fine . for your second question, on the {123 sym key} touch it twice so u have 2/3 and u have the = key".
  18. t599guy

    t599guy Member

    Sorry, have been busy lately, but wanted to say thank you for all your help. That did the trick, to get the "=" sign. Didn't even notice you had a choice of 3 menus. Thanks! As for the superuser thing, I might hold off on it, because as of now I don't have any apps that need rooting (except for Adblock plus -- which works great without a superuser app but didn't work right with one installed for some reason). I'm sure in time I will try it again, I just don't have a lot of time right now, and everything is working right so I don't want to press my luck.

    Of course by rooting the phone, when I click on software updates (just for the heck of it), it now comes back with something like "you have altered your device so software updates are no longer available." No big deal, I think (this is T-Mobile).

    I'll probably have more questions later when I have a chance to get more technical with it again, but did just want to say thank you for helping me out on the questions I had here lately... really appricaite it!

    Just curious: has anyone taken this phone and used it on AT&T's network? Should be compatible, right? Especially now that I read you can get unlock codes for your phones after 40 days of service with your current provider. I'll stick with T-Mobile for a while because I'm on a family plan, but just wondering if anyone has used the phone on AT&T, and how it works (since AT&T would be the other GSM network other than T-Mobile... Metro PCS doesn't count since that's now part of T-Mobile, right?)
  19. sixgems

    sixgems New Member

    thank it works to my samsung t599n
  20. Keronik08

    Keronik08 New Member

    ok new here to the forums i followed the root steps given and rooted my phone however forgot to backup and now my widgets dont work how can i get it back to stock and retry ive been looking but cant find/understand the steps thenks for any advice
  21. GTurn

    GTurn Well-Known Member

    what do you mean the widgets dont work? do you mean widgets you already had on your screen? are you using the stock launcher or another launcher?
  22. Keronik08

    Keronik08 New Member

    Yeah the preinstalled widgets like weathe and alarm clock im pretty sure I deleted something I shouldnt have lol would impactor be the launcher
  23. GTurn

    GTurn Well-Known Member

    no. impactor is the program you probably used to root the phone.

    do you want to get back to stock/rooted?
    have you installed a recovery?
  24. Keronik08

    Keronik08 New Member

    Yeah I want it back to normal so I can try again I factory reset my phone thinking it would fix it all it did was delete everything so I have nothing but the factory defaults
  25. Swisaiahag

    Swisaiahag Well-Known Member

    lol he is saying he deleted the stock widgets. .. he needs the Accuweather apk files... id have them :/ though

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