Root that should work !

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  1. falesh

    falesh Well-Known Member

    follow dis !
    it must root yours as well !
    or else look for recovery image for A78 !
    bt dis shud wrk i thnk 99 %
    p.s. dont blame me if u turn ur cell into a paperweight ! :p

  2. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    compared the recovery and the mount command :)

    I think A75 recovery must work :p
    the best part is even if the recovery does not work it will not affect ur device ;)

    though I am like 0.1% agreeing that A75 recovery /A73 recovery will work ..
    I am fighting with myself ;)

    I do not know why but i cannot get confidence ont this !
    THough i think it must work off and also a bricked recovery partition does not matter even a bit !!
  3. bnaravinda

    bnaravinda Member

    Guys, how to get the recovery image for A78? can you people please guide me? I am noob in this. I have another question for you people. Micromax says that in A78 they have android 2.3.4 version. But if we try to download the SDK from android site, in the list this version doesnot appear only. After 2.3.3 its directly 3.0 version, are the micromax people cheating us giving us wrong information? can anybody clarify me
  4. bnaravinda

    bnaravinda Member

    Hi guys, in the link he says "CWM recovery installed" as a requirement. I am totally noob in this. Can you help me how to install this CWM recovey on my superfone and how to get a recovey image for my A78 also. thanks a lot in advance for the help
  5. yurikondratyuk

    yurikondratyuk New Member

    I am willing to try this out. But, I have a noob question to ask.
    A78 doesn't seem to have a recovery mode. All I see is a green android icon with an exclamation mark. CWM 's reboot to recovery option says that has insufficient privileges.How do I proceed?
  6. bnaravinda

    bnaravinda Member


    With your word it seems you have installed CWM without rooting the phone. Can you tell me how you did it and a link for CWM which works on A78. Please respond asap
  7. NGD1

    NGD1 Well-Known Member

    Its easy to install CWm on most phones without rooting, usually you can do it through Odin or ADB.
  8. bnaravinda

    bnaravinda Member


    thanks for the reply. As I am a newbie can you tell me the procedure to get it installed on my phone. I looked at a link that says phone must be rooted before CWM installation. Can you help me please

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