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root the wildfire 2.2.1 wif z4root or universal androot

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  1. Ca5p3r69

    Ca5p3r69 Member

    Has anyone been able to root the HTC Wildfire 2.2.1 with either z4 root or univetsal androot I've been trying but no success. If so which apk ? And if dis works would It be faster wen playing game ?

  2. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

    Dude instead of doing it with z4 root, just follow the guide in my signature. I tried to use z4 root but it didnt work. This guide is pretty simple trust me. When i did it for my friend took me like 7 minutes
  3. Ca5p3r69

    Ca5p3r69 Member

    insert micro SD card into ur card reader ???? wats a card reader ???
  4. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

    If you read my signature properly you would have noticed i said go to the bottom i made the first part easier lol

    I rooted by just using software on the internet and a computer nothing else is needed, well except your USB cable and of course your Wildfire

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