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  1. Polo63119

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    I responded to post on Craigslist to upgrade my original galaxy tab to upgrade from 2.35 to ice cream sandwich...
    Took him hours to upload and try to fix patches to make it work/ experiencing many issues and very frustrated as u cannot even utilize the screens to add apps

    My question is that I know it canb work judging by XDA developers it can be done but should I go back to 2.35 or hope he can fix the bugs/ very frustrated

  2. AmneonX

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  3. Polo63119

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  4. Neptik

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    it doesn't work that way. you have to download the files.put the files in the root of the sd card.. flash the CWM so that you can use the recovery. and then flash the ICS Rom. and also the GAPPS. and reboot the device, then it should work.. The developer thats in that link says he should have the build running fully by today or tomorrow, so that its ready to download.
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