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    Apr 19, 2012
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    So, I successfully rooted my Acer iconia a100 solely to remove the trial ware excessive app BS that you may not uninstall otherwise, the problem is that I did not update the tablet when it prompted me with the available updates. I did that because I wasn't sure if the updates would patch whatever exploits were being used to gain switch user or root control, now the updates are not there and I cannot find a "out of the box OEM fatory default" fix all method, is there one?

    Ofcorse I have tried hard reset, factory reset in settings and looked for out of the box "roms" to replace this glitchy build I have now. I have found that there is a OTA update scheduled for the 27th but I doubt it will help concidering I need updates that are avaliable now but are not recognized or found.

    My foremost question would be is my device ruined or do I have a chance for a complete OEM status, if so how? Also I am using the device now, it is not bricked just to clarify just very glitchy. Thank you in advance.

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    Aug 9, 2010
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    Hi droidnoob, and welcome to AF.

    You probably did the right thing not accepting an OTA update after rooting. I know that on my own device that almost always causes problems (it's applying a patch to a system that has been modified, so some level of conflict is common).

    I'm afraid I can't help much with this, as I don't know the device. The best place for this query is probably the a100 All Things Root subforum. I'll move the thread to there.
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