root vs. shell root?

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  1. eddiesox

    eddiesox Well-Known Member

    Hey guys I'm back and I promise no cheesy rhymes this time. I am getting fed up with this phone and am considering a root, most likely super one click. Maybe I'm just proving my ignorance when I ask this question but what exactly is the difference between a root and shell root? Please explain it to me like i'm a n00b. If I do shell root will that have any affect on whether I can do things like titanium backup, add custom roms, set CPU, or tether?
    Any help would be appriciated!

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  2. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure shell root is that temporary root type. Root access is the permanent root. there isn't a shell root for the Transform, therefor you must do SWUpgrade and root with custom recovery.
  3. Cooper271

    Cooper271 Well-Known Member

    Yeah. A root shell is basically a root that lasts until the next reboot.

    Which in my opinion is worthless because you can always unroot....
  4. lilparker2009

    lilparker2009 Well-Known Member

    I wish there was shell root like z4root its mainly for if you want to tether once but not get caught
  5. Cooper271

    Cooper271 Well-Known Member

    What do you mean by "get caught"?
  6. lilparker2009

    lilparker2009 Well-Known Member

    Oh like if u dont want to void your warrenty
  7. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    Welll..... You don't exactly get 'Caught'... You'd have to turn in your modded phone to Sprint to get caught. I already froze various 'Spying' apps made by Samsung on my phone. Now they can stop reading my info because Titanium Backup has my back. :p
  8. xkillswitchx23

    xkillswitchx23 Well-Known Member

    what are the spying apps that you froze?
  9. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member stuff. Ill make a list later.
  10. loki1664

    loki1664 New Member

    Just trying to root my HTC Sensation (UK on O2), using SuperOneClick V2.3.3.0 – I enable usb debugging, unmount the SD card and then hit “root” it completes checks for existing Shellroot and Root all say False. It then starts to shell root when i clicked root, it gets right to the end and says “remounting /system with read-only access…” – it offers to test i click yes, it then advises its sending an SU to phone but nothing happens on phone.

    I go in apps and "superuser" is there but on pressing it, it force closes. On restart it disappears as if i have done a shell root but i definitely pressed "root"??

    Help please

  11. Bsweenyman

    Bsweenyman New Member

    What you mean???? Super user is in your menu its not going to do anything

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