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Root won't take

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  1. ceelove27

    ceelove27 New Member

    Droid 4 is the phone I have possibly refurbished. I had to call in the warranty and get a replacement. I have run the driod 4 ics root step by step, which are pretty simple steps and it just won't do anything. It runs through the steps turns my phone off turns my phone on then exits itself and that is it. I have camera on, debug on, Other sources on, download device manager and turned off or uninstalled anti viruses.I have no idea what else can I do I have googled it to death and nothing works to root my phone. Please help and thanks in advanced.:confused:

  2. relaxcore

    relaxcore New Member

    I'm in the exact same boat, let me know if you find a solution
  3. relaxcore

    relaxcore New Member

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