Root your Micromax A45 in few minutes...!!!

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  1. antonysabish

    antonysabish Member

    First switch off your phone...
    and attach phone and pc via usb cable....
    now your pc found new hardware....
    Right click your Mycomputer click properties and goto device manager....
    Find your android A45 hardware then Right click and click the update driver from specified location and browse your driver folder.... Download A45 driver Download MMX A45 Driver (Here) - Android Forums
    After finish your installation then download Super oneclick in
    and extract this and open superoneclick remove usb cable from your phone and remove the battery and put it again don't connect your cable into phone.... Finally click the root button and fix your cable in your phone... after MMX A45 was rooted successfuly.....

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  2. antonysabish

    antonysabish Member

    are you crazy... I have already rooted my A45 with this guide...
  3. narender123

    narender123 New Member

    I want root my micromax a45 as u told me
    (install drivers installed..... Android Composite ADB Interface)
    next step is super one click it's not working ...... antonysabish......
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  4. skyuvraj

    skyuvraj Member

    Thanx this is working,easy,and helpful
  5. kousik santra

    kousik santra Member

    pls help me to root my mmx a25..........its my first android phone,pls help me its urgent.....
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  6. blzngz007

    blzngz007 Member

    I tried ur way Anton .... but when i switch it off..and connect it to PC its just charge my phone... no USB stuff comes up..
  7. antonysabish

    antonysabish Member

    connect your usb cable in other port's...
  8. blzngz007

    blzngz007 Member

    My Pc doesn't even show that my device is connected by using USB data cable.. it may need a drive for my handset..... and if this the case then plz help me to get 1.. and even a video on how to connect A45 in pc....
  9. SankalpSodhani

    SankalpSodhani New Member

    After I click Root on SuperOneClick. A message appears saying killing ADB server then starting ADB server and then it hangs. What to do now. Help please:):confused:
  10. Brianchristian

    Brianchristian New Member

    i can't find micromax a45 hardware in device manager, where it actually will be ! ? please help ! Thanks !
  11. blzngz007

    blzngz007 Member

    lol... i solved my prob... b4... it ws my pc windows prob...
  12. arsalan53

    arsalan53 New Member

    how did u resolve d problem..m facing d same problem.plz reply vista
  13. maddy

    maddy New Member

    does it work for a44 too??

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