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  1. Has anyone been able to root this phone?

  2. escosk8r

    escosk8r New Member

    Unfortunately, no.... And there doesn't seem to be any devs working on this so for now we are out of luck my friend...

    Read comment below for further notice... ↓ ...
  3. escosk8r

    escosk8r New Member

    I'm currently working on installing my own custom kernel for the Burst so i will keep updates on how that goes and when it will be ready as a flashable .zip package. So far i have foumd the stock kernel pieces wbich now just need to be rebuilt and package into a working kernel with root injected. Im using Sourcery G+ + Lite to build my kernel with the toolchain. If any developers could step forward and help me with this, it would be vreatly appreciated. I have the Toolchain and the kernel.gz file on hand, if anyone is interested in taking a swing at it with me, reply here or drop me a PM.
  4. jcase

    jcase Well-Known Member


    We got it rooted yesterday
  5. Moosecakes

    Moosecakes New Member

    Awesome! I've been checking regularly to see if there would be a root. Any idea on when you might release this for use?
  6. jcase

    jcase Well-Known Member

  7. kiddbats

    kiddbats New Member

    I wasn't sure whether or not to start a new thread on this. I tried to follow the root guide i can connect fine thru PcSuite. So I assume drivers are installed correct. I get to the point where the bootloader loads and I get the fastboot boot screen at that point it tries to install drivers and cant find any. I have to pull battery to reset the phone because its locked at that point. Any ideas anyone else encounter this? Thanks
  8. kiddbats

    kiddbats New Member

    Anyone? Gonna try this again before posting new.
  9. metsfan4831

    metsfan4831 New Member

    same issue here... I just can't get past the fastboot screen and advanced is waiting for device...any ideas?

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