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  1. miheckman

    miheckman New Member

    I was wondering if I root my phone to get ride of the blotwear then unroot it will it come back.... and what will it do to my warinty

  2. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    Void it completely. Samsung has put a counter in the boot sector that can't be changed or reset and as soon as you flash a custom kernel or recovery image (necessary to root the phone) the counter will increment and cannot be set back to zero.

    Although, I rooted mine after having it for less than a week, it is pretty easy and I haven't had any issues after following the RootzWiki Simplified method with ClockworkMod Recovery. Just make sure you follow the directions EXACTLY (don't forget to mount /system in CWM Recovery before installing Superuser.Zip).

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