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  1. jtcanales

    jtcanales Well-Known Member

    Has anyone rooted the hauwei mytouch yet.....

  2. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

    Nothing officiel but there are people trying to root this device on xda-developpers.
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  3. jac6387

    jac6387 Member

    No Clue. I saw this topic on XDA where someone asked about rooting it.

    Mytouch Q (Huawei) - xda-developers

    I believe that they suggested Super1Click or Gingerbreak to root, but I haven't tried it yet. Haven't gotten my phone yet and I'm hoping to not brick it on day 1 so I'm hoping someone else has attempted something succesfully.
  4. jtcanales

    jtcanales Well-Known Member

    I've already tried the Super1click and nothing happened havent tried the gingerbreak yet though.....:)
  5. jac6387

    jac6387 Member

    So any luck with ginger break?
  6. jtcanales

    jtcanales Well-Known Member

    No luck with gingerbreak either still finding for looks like no one is working on this phone yet, but I havent giving up just yet.
  7. jac6387

    jac6387 Member

    Bummer. I guess it's less than a month old so it could take some time. Guess I'll keep looking too.
  8. jtcanales

    jtcanales Well-Known Member

    Anyone gonna ever root this phone??? U8680
  9. jac6387

    jac6387 Member

  10. jac6387

    jac6387 Member

    Just tried the method their (extremely fast and simple) and RootChecker now verifies that I have root access. Now the question that remains is how to remove the bloatware.
  11. jtcanales

    jtcanales Well-Known Member

    Thanks alot for the info I will try it out and I will let you know if I got root access.
  12. jtcanales

    jtcanales Well-Known Member

    Very happy I was able to root my Huawei Mytouch 4G
  13. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Hi all!

    I've merged a few threads together that dealt with the same topic. Some posts were removed because the posts in question didn't make much sense with the newly merged thread.

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  14. ibnbazooka

    ibnbazooka New Member

    can any one upload a cwm backup for huawei 4g u8680 my phone is in a bootloop please
  15. bubkusjones

    bubkusjones Well-Known Member

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