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  1. jamielynn23

    jamielynn23 New Member

    So, can anyone tell me exactly how or if you can root an LG Optimus Zip phone?

  2. clark71822

    clark71822 Well-Known Member

    I'd like to know as well. So far every search I've done on rooting this phone has come up with nothing, and I'm to the point that I gotta uninstall apps I need just to update stock apps :(
  3. jamielynn23

    jamielynn23 New Member

    Yeah me too! I moved everything I could to my sd card, but I'm slowly running out of space. It's driving me crazy!
  4. mynamestiki

    mynamestiki Member

    Sorry guys, It doesnt look like this one can be rooted.
  5. faith42

    faith42 New Member

    I'd like to know how I can free up some space. This is my first smart phone, and I'm clueless. I went through all the things listed on storage and moved as much as would let me to sd card. Thank you

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