Rooted Bell Atrix with TB frozen bloatware - OTA update??

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  1. cys920622

    cys920622 Well-Known Member

    I have a bell atrix with bloatware i froze using titanium backup.

    Also, importantly, I attempted the webtop mod using CWM. However, that installation failed, or at least the phone said it did, and I haven't attempted it since. I read a Mod's post that applying an OTA update over the webtop mod (example of modded root files) can hardbrick my phone.

    Not to mention, by freezing bloat apps, I guess I've made some changes there too.

    So, a few critical questions before the Bell OTA 2.3.4 comes out:

    1) If my bloat stays frozen, will I still receive an OTA update notification at all?
    (mainly want to know this so my brother doesn't brick it when I give it to him in a few days)

    2) If I de-freeze the bloat, would it be safe for me to install the OTA update afterwards? I'm mainly asking this because of the failed Webtop mod (really regret doing that...) and don't want an expensive brick. Will I have to "flash" to some previous firmware? In that case...

    3) What is the safest way to flash back on a BELL atrix? I know there is a thread explaining this, but most of it seems to apply to the AT&T atrix, and I'm getting a lot of mixed feedback on the Bell SBF that is being distributed around. I just need a 100% foolproof method because I REALLY cannot afford to brick this phone!!

    And also, what will happen if I do the "Factory Data Reset" under "Privacy Settings" with all this bloatware frozen and a potential mod to the webtop app? How about with the bloat unfrozen?

    Thanks in advance everyone!!! I apologize for such a high volume of queries.

  2. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Did you do the 2.2.3 OTA update that Bell sent out last month? You need the your firmware to be 100% stock. So you should unfreeze everything to its original state. If you haven't made any other changes to the phone (theme/deodexed), you should be able to get the OTA update. If you want to be 'extra safe' you can 'unroot' your phone (back everything up) and do a factory reset. I know one of the root method 'unroot' when you do a factory reset.
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  3. cys920622

    cys920622 Well-Known Member

    I rooted using Gingerbreak (odd, since I'm running froyo 2.2.2). Will a factory reset unroot this?

    Also, I installed that OTA Bell update a month ago or so, but I'm still on 2.2.2... It caused an unroot as well. Rerooted using Gingerbreak (used SuperOneClick the first time).

    Will I have to look into flashing and things like that? I haven't installed any themes or deodexed anything.


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