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rooted continuum & vista

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  1. natbrux

    natbrux New Member

    I have the Samsung Continuum. I used Z4root for rooting. And I use Wireless Tether for connecting to internet through phone. The strange problem I have is my windows vista (32 bit) laptop will never connect while running wireless tether. It fails every time I attempt to connect it. I have tested a windows 7 laptop, windows xp netbook & desktop, and they all connect to the continuum without any problems. Also, this laptop would connect to my older Motorola Droid phone without problems. And it will connect to my daughter's Motorola Devour phone without problems. I can't understand why the continuum & vista don't like each other. But over the holidays I won't have any other internet service except for my continuum, and I'd like to use my vista laptop. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  2. txwolf1980

    txwolf1980 Well-Known Member

    it may be something in your settings... I'm assuming that you are running wireless thether on your daughter's devour as well? Have you tried a different app (barnacle, or open garden. Barnacle uses ad hoc, and open garden doesn't). if one of those work, I'd try clearing out your cookies and cache and see if that does it.
  3. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator


    Moving this to the all-things-root sub-forum.


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