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Rooted Desire S Stuck at HTC logo

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  1. gazs1

    gazs1 New Member

    Hi there is there anybody that can help me with this situation i am in - here goes

    I have a rooted htc desire s - the details as follows-

    Revolutionary s off
    saga pvt ship s-off rl
    HBOOT 6.989 1002
    RADIO 3805.06.02_m
    eMMC boot

    I attempted using a new cusom ROM which didnt seem to agree with my phone now whenever i turn it on it gets stuck on the green HTC logo
    i cannot access the sd card on the phone through my computer at all and i have no way of connecting a micro usb card to the computer in order to add further information to it - is there anyone out there who can help??

  2. FoX777

    FoX777 Well-Known Member


    So you can't boot your phone into recovery?

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