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  1. Darren6645

    Darren6645 Member

    Hi due to memory problems or lack of it with my HTC Desire (tried all the usual unrooted tweaks) I decided to root my phone. I followed a guide from the forum and it was success. I have flashed various ROM

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi Darren, and welcome to AF :)

    Will be terse as only have couple of mins. Sorry.

    You don't need to add anything for a2sd. Partition must be working or that rom would fail. Titanium Backup or Quick System Info can show how much of partition is used.

    Don't know that rom and haven't chance to check. See first posts of rom thread to see whether need do anything to activate a2sd or move dalvik cache to ext. Can you see what is on the ext partition? If so, look for an app or data/app directory on there & see whether anything in it (guessing as not using sd-ext on my phone at moment). And anything with dalvik in name.

    How many user apps? App data still uses space even wjth a2sd. Some apps with large libraries take less space when moved to sd (with a2sd "on phone" means on ext partition).
  3. Darren6645

    Darren6645 Member

    Hi thanks Hadron I have just wiped everything re flashed the ROM/ The ROM includes MCR scripts app which it says to access and and move the dalvik to sd which I did on start up then rebooted. Installed Quick system info and that shows I have SD card storage 235gb free, A2SD storage 390mb free? Internal 125mb free. So looks like it is there I was expecting to see it as a app. Not sure why my partition is only showing 390mb left as it does show it as 1gb total. My partition shows in ES file explorer as sd-ext but is saying empty?
    Any advice on how I install to this partition.

    Thanks again.
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    A2sd storage in QSI is the partition. So that is being used, and if you have 125 MB internal free then I think everything is working. To check though, what is your total internal (are you using a custom hboot? A CM7 version may not be most efficient use of space if not).

    Reason so much of the ext has been used is that the ROM itself is using part of it. These "newer sense" roms don't fit in the Desire, so need the ext partition to overflow into.

    You don't see a2sd as an app. It's just a script that's included in the rom & links directories on the ext so that they appear to the phone to be part of its internal storage.

    Guess ES can't read the ext partition then. Bet Root Explorer could. Or if you are happy with linux terminal commands you can certainly explore it that way. But it's probably not important as it sounds like it's working.
  5. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    So when you install an app "to the phone" it will automatically go to the partition. You need do nothing.

    Moving "to sd" will move it off the ext partition and to the fat32 partition of the card.

    App data will remain in internal storage either way.
  6. Darren6645

    Darren6645 Member

    Starting to make sense...I think.
    I have installed Titanium backup pro as I think this will be better to back up my data etc. I am going to install root explorer and use that as my file manager.
    If I look in applications, manage applications it shows my apps installed on my sd card but just my fat32, I'm guessing this is correct as it can't see my partition?
    As far as custom hboot I installed Revolutionary: S-OFF&Recovery Tool 0.4pre4????
    So if I'm getting this right all looks good if my Hboot is fine?
    All seems to be working, I don't need to move aps as they will automatically goto my partition ext4.
    If I do move them what do I use??? Not the rom app manager and I now don't need Apps2sd installing?
    Sorry if I'm repeating myself or confusing things but this is all pretty new to me I'm surprised I got this far with out bricking my phone to be honest.

  7. Darren6645

    Darren6645 Member

    Installed root explorer shows ext file but still saying empty?
  8. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Surprised Root Explorer won't browse ext, but haven't used sd-ext for about 10 months so memory not reliable.

    The phone thinks that apps on ext are on the phone. Phone menus don't realise that ext is there at all. Everything is installed on ext unless you explicitly move it to sd.

    If you just ran revolutionary you have an s-off version of the stock hboot. CM7r2 is a different hboot which partitions internal storage differently. Not a problem if it's working, but roms designed for this may be using space inefficiently, and sometimes make assumptions like "there is space to leave dalvik on internal so do that" which may not be ideal if using a stock hboot. But it sounds like you have that sorted.

    If worried about bricking, boot into recovery and take a backup from there (a "nandroid" backup). That can get you out of a lot of mistakes.

    And if you don't want to brick, do not use an app called ROM Manager. If it's included in that ROM, uninstall it (being S-Off means you can)
  9. Darren6645

    Darren6645 Member

    Great I'm going to uninstall ROM manager then do a nandroid back up and quit while I'm ahead.
    One more thing is it ok to perodically clear the dalvik with MCR scripts and should I in future use Ti back up for and moving and deleting of data and apps.

    Thanks for all your help.
  10. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    There's no need to periodically clear dalvik. I have done this occasionally, after running the same rom for several months for example, just by booting into recovery and wiping dalvik from there. Ti Backup has an option to clear up any unused files in dalvik. But never found any need to schedule such stuff. Doubt it does any harm, just don't feel the need.

    Ti is good for app/data backups, eg. for saving stuff when changing roms. I also have used it to "roll back" an app update if I don't like it (ie. restore previous version). It serves a different purpose from a nandroid backup, so it's good practice to have both. Ti Pro can now back up messages to xml and restore after a ROM change, which was a big omission previously, though I've not actually tested it yet :)

    For clearing/removing apps and data I sometimes use Ti, sometimes phone menus.

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