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  1. Webelos8

    Webelos8 Member

    I have rooted my LG Vortex using Gingerbreak and have Titanium Backup installed, and disabled all of those crapware things installed by Verizon. YAY ME!

    I upgraded from the Vortex to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (No, not the S3. This one is fine, thanks, and it was free, so..) and failed to clear out my voicemail before I activated the new phone.
    So, since last Black Friday, the Vortex is used as a mini-mini tablet for my daughter (she plays games, watches you tube, etc.) but I can't clear out the voice mail notice indicator.
    Also, since I don't really plan to use it as a phone any longer, what other things can I safely disable to a: make a little more room and b: get rid of that stupid notification?


  2. jacobmacek

    jacobmacek Active Member

    1.Download ROM Toolbox
    2.Open it up and go to root browser
    3.Navigate to the system>app folder
    4.Delete any applications you don't need, if there is a voicemail app, you can remove it, I also suggest deleting lg home launcher and download a light weight 3rd party app like launcher pro.

    If you would like to try JellyBean for your vortex, check this out:
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  3. OhSeven

    OhSeven Well-Known Member Contributor

    If you are savvy enough, I would suggest creating an extra partition on the memory card to have an app like Link2SD move entire apps (not just parts) to the SD card. You can easily install apps to fill whatever size partition you create. It does not work like the Android feature, so widgets work properly with this.

    If you are going to go this far, I would essentially wipe what's on the phone and start fresh: create a nandroid backup through the custom recovery (just in case a problem occurs), create a backup of your apps and settings with Titanium backup (to restore them later), copy those to a computer, format the SD card with the right partitions, and then try a factory reset to get rid of the voicemail notification. You can optionally flash a new rom instead, but that might not be necessary if your daughter doesn't care. Then install Titanium Backup again, put your backup back on the SD card and restore the apps and settings.

    That would not be the quickest solution, and there will be some reading to do, but it would do all you're asking. If you are interested in a solution like this, I can help find the right information. If you are just looking to explore the depths of the phone to remove the voicemail icon, it might take awhile in this forum. I would ask in a place that gets more traffic, since the solution probably won't be specific to the Vortex phone.
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  4. Webelos8

    Webelos8 Member

    That's something I think I'll look into.. Thanks!

    ETA: Yeah, so I have no idea where to start with this.
  5. Webelos8

    Webelos8 Member

    hey jacobmacek, your Youtube link is busted. I got a 404.
  6. OhSeven

    OhSeven Well-Known Member Contributor

    How large is the SD card?

    For the voicemail notification, you might be able to go into Settings-->Manage Apps-->All Apps. Select the Phone app and hit clear data.
  7. Webelos8

    Webelos8 Member

    It's 2G.

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