Rooted my Galaxy Ace Plus S7500L

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  1. AEAllen

    AEAllen Member

    Tried again and successfully rooted the S7500L.

    Then I found out that just because you root it, it is not an easy task to remove all the bloatware from the phone. That was my entire purpose for wanting to Root.

    According to several sites, only way to do it effectively is to load a Custom ROM.

    So I loaded a Custom ROM "Atomic" and guess what........

    Only thing I managed to do was force myself to re-setup everything on the phone. But about halfway thru that, i just decided to re-load the factory firmware since the "Atomic" was not as "Atomic" as I expected........

    So the dilemma with the S7500L is there are not a lot of Custom Rom's available for the "L" model.

    Anyone know of one that actually gets rid of all the bloatware?


  2. AEAllen

    AEAllen Member

    OK, figured it out.......

    After Rooting you have to go to the store and get Titanium Backup (Free). This app will delete all the junk apps in just a few clicks.

    Click on the backup/restore tab and then click the app you want to delete. Just click on each one you want to delete and follow the prompts. Then reboot and all you selected are GONE!

    Be sure and keep "Talk" as it interacts with the Play Store that will not work anymore if you delete "Talk".

    Be careful, know what you are deleting Mr. SUPERUSER! LOL

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