rooted my galaxy s, wont turn on!!!!

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  1. gs_samet

    gs_samet New Member

    hello guys,

    i need help asap!!!.... just rooted my phone i applied one lag fix, the phone booted itself but wont turn on now????? what do i do knowww

  2. gs_samet

    gs_samet New Member

    also i cant be my phone on download or recovery mode.. I tried the volume+home+power button no responsee currently running 2.2 froyo the root stage went without errors also
  3. Shine.

    Shine. Well-Known Member

    What phone model do you have? what root program did you use? Try taking out the battery for a bit and trying again?
  4. gs_samet

    gs_samet New Member

    sorry about the late reply, i have the samsung galaxy s i9000
  5. nuclear007

    nuclear007 New Member

    My friend has the same problem today
    He got galaxy s i9000 but he by mistake downloaded the firmware of i9003 2.3.3
    After the restart the phone is totally dead.
    How can we format the system completely?? And start the phone??
  6. Shine.

    Shine. Well-Known Member

    His phone wont boot up at all? not even into download mode?

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