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rooted my inspire and installed ics

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  1. CouJoe56

    CouJoe56 New Member

    now my camera doesnt work, any idea?

  2. neslot

    neslot Member

    did something wrong.
  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    wich rom did you install? the camera works on ice cold sandwaich,but is in the buglist of all the sense-based ICS roms.

    when considering a new rom,you need to read all the info in the first post,and if the dev has taken the 2nd,and subsequent posts,you need to read all those to.

    generally you will find a buglist that tells you what things are currently not wokring.

    assuming youve just flashed a rom without a funtional camera,you just need to pick a new rom,with a working camera, and flash it. as i said,ice cold sandwich is an extremely funtional,smooth AOSP ICS rom. might want to try it,or go back to a tried and true gingerbread rom like ARHD,while you wait for ICS sense development to progress a little more.


  4. wrenhal

    wrenhal Active Member

    The camera AND video both work on ICS AOSPX by existz.
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