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Rooted non-US Nexus, now how do I get Pandora etc...

  1. barbapapa04

    barbapapa04 New Member

    HI I am new to the Android mobile app. (converted from dreaded Iphone). Just rooted my Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.1.1. Using GSM phone on Mobilicity Network Canada (similar freq to TMobile) Does anyone know how to modify the settings in Google Play so I dont have any country restrictions? i.e. read somewhere that I should change Operator code to show Tmobile (310 026). Conversely, how to get my phone to show a US based IP address so that i can stream my favourite US stations? (free would be nice opposed to using hide my ass or another paid service).
    I was in the US recently, roaming on the Tmobile network and using an airport wifi thinking I could download US based apps....no such luck.

    Any help is much appreciated.


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