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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kmg, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. kmg

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    Jun 21, 2010
    So I was on 2.2, rooted using the method on xda. Everything went swimmingly. I'm now on rooted stock 2.2 rom. Wireless tether doesn't work, which I assume is because I need to flash a custom kernel. I also can't seem to flash a custom rom, which I think is because I'm not nand unlocked. I used unrevoked forever and am s-off. I used amon ra recovery I guess. But I also installed whatever with rom manager.

    So I'm wondering, how do I nand unlock? Is it just a full wipe including the dalvik cache? Do I always have to do a full wipe when I flash a rom? Is there a quick and easy way to nand unlock? It looked like I could full wipe with the dalvik cache from recovery. What's a dalvik cache anyway? And about flashing roms, am I going to have to flash antennas and stuff every time? Are all roms pretty much compatible with all the custom kernels? Or should I check and make sure to check all the compatibility for that stuff? Is there a kernel that will both make my wireless tether work and break the 30 fps cap? And what about improved performance and battery life?

    So many questions!


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    Dec 18, 2009
    you should have a unlocked flash a rom you should make a nandroid back up just incase something goes can go back to it make sure to wipe everything and then flash wont have to flash radios everytime you do a rom yes sometimes a dev will get there hands on a newer radio and will say you should flash it but its up to not completely sure about kernels since i had a htc hero and there really were not a ton of kernels like the evo has.i would make sure they are compatible first.wireless tether should be working on stock rooted 2.2 i heard that it hasnt been working well since the latest update so check back to it in a little and kernels will break the fps cap...

    and about dalvik cache im thinking it has to do with apps but im probably wrong.

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