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rooted.. now want to change ROM...advice?I have followed this method of rooting my first Smartphone.

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  1. devaus

    devaus Member

    I have followed this method of rooting my first Smartphone..a now unlocked LG Optimus p690F(previously on another carrier as prepaid).

    Meet5000..posted it in this Rooting area (thanks!!)
    Its starts(as I cant post links)
    There's a simple method to root LG Optimus Net P690 (Android 2.3.4):
    It's complete rooting guide to root LG Optimus Net with 'UnlockRoot'.

    1. Download and install 'Unlock Root' on your PC from here: Unlock Root of

    2. Download LG Android Drivers from here:xxxxxx
    Reastart your PC after installing drivers.

    3: On your phone, Check 'USB Debugging'. Path: Menu > Settings > Applications >
    Development > Tick 'USB Debugging'.


    Congratulations! You've rooted your LG Optimus Net P690!
    This worked on mine and will work on yours also.

    ^^^^^^So it seems to be success
    My questions are twofold..
    1..If I want to back up my present set-up..ie ROM
    and apps..I asume Titanium is the go...
    is it okay to back them up onto the installed micro SDcard??

    2: Over in XDA develops forum..deepss1 has ported the Sony Xperia
    look over for the LG P690..ie Rom
    titled as below VVVV

    Links of available ROms for lg p690

    I looked at the screen shots and it looks very nice..
    is this likely to be stable...?(for me as newbie this is kinda important!)
    so there is link to a ROM and Gapps
    and this process..

    Wipe Factory Reset
    Wipe dalvik cache
    wipe battery stats
    Flash Rom
    Flash GApps
    Reboot Device

    someone clarify the process in manner I could follow
    ie do I need to to use commandline commands
    for wiping ..the first three parts above(ie thru Terminal manager?)

    ...and flashing the Rom and GApps
    is that where you use..ClockworkMod in recovery mode
    and install it....ie the zip
    of course I assume you have to place it in the ROM area first
    after downloading it...

    Can I use ES File Explorer to do that?
    (I have it installed...
    used for setting up a wifi link to shared drives on my PC)


  2. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Hey, I moved this to the All Things Root section, thanks for understanding.
  3. devaus

    devaus Member

    Dammit..what a title:eek:
    not exactly the concise one I was looking for..
    Sorry bout that

    thanks for moving it
  4. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    NP, I'm just here to help :)
  5. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    The Green team to the rescue.

    The first thing you need to do is get the recovery installed on the phone and make a backup in the "backup and restore" option. This is how you back up your stock ROM and is called a nandroid backup.
    Once you have a recovery installed you can only use the "wipe data/factory reset" option in the recovery menu. If you use the option in the phone menu it will brick your phone.

    This is kind of a two edged sword. If you don't have a backup and you mess something up your hosed, but it's repairable (takes a lot of gnashing of the teeth, and pulling out of the hair).
    With a custom recovery (which you need to flash the ROM and gapp's) you can make a complete backup of your system/ROM (everything that makes your phone your phone when you turn it on). If you mess something up all you have to do is restore the backup. Everything will be exeeactly as it was when you made the backup (just like a restore point on a PC). If you every use the the factory restore option in the phones menu with a custom recovery installed it will brick you phone.

    Titanium backup is the way to go to back up your apps and app data. It creates a folder on the sd card. You do not want to restore system data or apps from Titanium. When you flash a new ROM and sign in to your google account, download Titanium Backup (I would pay for the PRO key as it will allow you to do a batch restore), then install only your app's (if you have an app that has stored data from your usage, restore it's data as well). Before you do this you need to check what apps are already included in the ROM. You do not want to install an app that is already on the system, this can cause some problems.
    With the paid version in the menu option is a batch options. You can only select the "restore all missing apps and data" option. Any other option might restore the data from the previous ROM which will corrupt the new ROM.

    If you install a CWMod recovery and have ADB set up on your PC then you can use QtADB. This is an amazing utility that every rooted user should have in their arsenal of tools for modding. Straight drag and drop of all folders on the phone (sd card and system) to the PC and from the PC to the system or sd card. You can flash a recovery, a ROM, a theme, etc., boot into fastboot (if your phone will allow it) manage you apps, see and save the logcat. I don't have enough room to describe everything in the advanced section (just flashed a different recovery with it,took less than 30 sec from first click to DONE).

    It can be found HERE http://androidforums.com/optimus-v-all-things-root/517758-playing-qtadb.html#post4093175


    If you need any help feel free to pm me.
    Order of importance: The flash_image and recovery, then backup you stock ROM, then flash the new ROM (and Gapp's if needed).
  6. devaus

    devaus Member

    Thanks AndieOpie150!
    This has shed some light on what I need to do and install
    Now I need to do some reading on the apps and processes you mentioned
    but you have given me what appears to be
    a short circuit to being able to change and manage ROMs and Gapps
    on my LG P690.
    Thank you
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  7. akashash5

    akashash5 Well-Known Member

    Here's a thread with links to custom recovery,flash and roms for p690:
    LG Optimus Net unofficial thread - xda-developers
    U can use titanium to backup apps and their data but rom can be backed up using a recovery.
    So firstly install cwm recovery and backup your stock rom and then you can try any rom you want without any worries.
    Also the installation procedure is to place the rom's zip file in SD card and wipe everything using the options in recovery and select apply zip from SD card in recovery and then selecting the zip file you have placed. Similarly you can apply the zip file for gapps.
  8. meet5000

    meet5000 Well-Known Member

    Hi there!

    I'm glad my rooting guide was useful for you :)
    I'm also a newbie and planning to install Custom recovery and ROMs. My PC is gone for a repair.

    Good luck :)
  9. devaus

    devaus Member

    I'm confused ..in the link area mentioned by akashash5
    for getting.... custom recovery..there appears to be two versions available and
    I assume the is the one to use?

    With this installed I can back up my stock ROM..
    in case something happens when loading other modified ROMS

    I believed I had rooted my phone..already
    if I back up my ROM now ..is that a stock ROM..or a modified one?

    and AndOpie150...
    it seems to suggest you have to install Android SDK before you can use/install QtADB on the PC(ie windows 7)?

    and you mention ADB has to be running on the phone?
    so it has to be running on both the Phone AND PC(ie QTADB) at the same time?

    I am running windows 7 sp1..on my pc

    My phone
    is model no LG-P690f
    Android version
    kernel version
    Build number
    Software version
  10. devaus

    devaus Member

    I have downloaded and installed the latest Android SDK/Android development kit.
    I have also downloaded and
    installed the latest Java SE Development kit(jdk1.7.0_04)
    The Android SDK stuff wouldn't install until I installed the Java SE Dev kit.

    I also placed these in the windows PATH
    (ie for java.exe and also the android-sdk... platform tools folder)

    But when I launch a cmd.exe..and run... adb devices
    it comes back with....
    list of devices attached

    is this correct and working okay?

    so now I should be able to install and use QtADB?
  11. devaus

    devaus Member

    from Andyopie150
    The first thing you need to do is get the recovery installed on the phone and make a backup in the "backup and restore" option. This is how you back up your stock ROM and is called a nandroid backup.
    Once you have a recovery installed you can only use the "wipe data/factory reset" option in the recovery menu. If you use the option in the phone menu it will brick your phone.

    I assume the nandroid backup backs up the stock ROM onto the microSD card? Is there a default folder it places it in?

    So is it custom recovery... version or ... use to back up ROM???
  12. devaus

    devaus Member

    I downloaded cust recovery and checked the MD5SUM and it is correct.
    I also downloaded the flash_image file
    They are on my PC...

    How do you get cust recovery and flash_image
    onto the sd card of the p690?
    Can I use Es File explorer?
    or some other app?
  13. meet5000

    meet5000 Well-Known Member

    Connect your phone to the PC. Phone will ask you to Turn on USB Storage (You'll see an green Android logo with USB in one hand. When you'll turn it on, Android logo's colour will be changed to brown)

    Now go to My Computer and you'll see your SD Card there. Simply move it :)
  14. devaus

    devaus Member

    So I have done this..I assume you just drag the two files into the root..ie not one of the folders on the SDcard?

    I was trawling around the net and came across this explanation..its for another phone and ROMs etc..but seems to be quite clear on process
    is this good for doing LG P690???
    (obviously replace files and phone name with LG and its associated files
    ie ROMS and Gapps)



    Flashing from Stock or from Another Custom ROM

    1. Download both the CyanTablet 9 and Google Apps ZIP files to your computer.
    2. Copy both the CyanTablet 9 and Google Apps ZIP files to the root of your Captivate
  15. devaus

    devaus Member

    I have dropped the Recovery mod and flash_image file into the root of the SD card...

    HOW do I get into the RECOVERY mode to do this?????

    1. create a Nandroid backup by selecting Backup and Restore > Backup.
    2. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
    3. Select Wipe Cache Partition.
    4. Select Install ZIP from SD Card and select the LG Cust ROM ZIP file.
    5. Once the LGCust ROM has finished flashing, select Go Back.
    6. Select Install ZIP from SD Card and this time select G Apps.
    7. Once G Apps has finished flashing, select Go Back.
    8. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
    9. Select Wipe Cache Partition.
    10. Select Reboot System Now.
  16. meet5000

    meet5000 Well-Known Member

    Custom recovery must be installed using ADB. Just google it.
  17. devaus

    devaus Member

    I loaded Terminal Emulator from shop...
    and using the process shown at this link
    [RECOVERY] LG Optimus Net Clockworkmod - v1 - xda-developers

    starting with
    # su
    # mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock1 /system
    # cat /sdcard/flash_image> /system/bin/flash_image

    and so on...was able to finally load CWM recovery
    (and with kind help from AndyOpie150....helping a dumbie out!)
  18. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Your not a dummy.
    You are just like I was a year ago. Extremely smart but with now clue about Android Modding.
    Look where I'm at now. This is where you can be if you want to. Read every post, try to learn as much as you can. And most importantly: Help others.

    We get freely. We give freely
  19. devaus

    devaus Member

    So after loading CWM recovery
    I was then able to try out one of the Custom ROMs for the P690f(Net)

    first I had to do a Nandroid backup..from within CWM recovery
    to back up my original ROM etc
    by selecting Backup and Restore > Backup.
    once it had done that
    then having previously placed the new ROM and Gapps on the root of the SDcard..
    which were from here
    [Rom][LG P-690](Optimus Net/Link)Sony Xperia Rom for LG P-690 - xda-developers

    I went back into CWMrecovery
    and followed this process

    Wipe data/Factory Reset
    Wipe cache partition
    Wipe dalvik cache
    wipe battery stats
    Flash Rom
    Flash GApps
    Reboot Device

    and then rebooted a few more times (in between looking around)
    to ensure the
    new ROM had taken..

    and off course ..over past few days have recharged the battery
    and used the phone to get battery stats back again
    ie to see how the battery usage is going

    So far it looks very nice with Sony Xperia interface
    but a few probs ..have shown up..mainly with not
    being able to connect to Wi-Fi
    its a big one really...
    on my original ROm I had no trouble getting a strong connection
    plus the battery recharge screen looks a bit odd with grey lines appearing over the normal battery charging symbols.

    So I will probably have to reload my original back..
    unless there is solution suggested back in the Xperia ROM area.
  20. devaus

    devaus Member

    Just an update..a friend has solved the WiFi problem
    for me ...

    How would I get my list of contacts back..with this new ROM?
    is it via Titanium Back-up
    (I did a complete back-up before Flashing the new ROM/Gapps)

    or is it done via CWM recovery?
  21. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    If you have the market app visible open it up and follow all the promptsto to sign in to your google account. Then back out of the PlayStore which you should now have and click on "finish set up". Let it sync for about a minute, and your contacts will be there,

    If you don't have the market app visible: Go to accounts and sync. Go to the bottom and click on "add an account". Select Google. Do the same as above.
  22. devaus

    devaus Member

    Yes I had already set up and synched the Google email...
    but in my setting up of the trial Xperia ROM/Gapps..
    I wasnt able to go past the LG login splash screen
    after first flashing...
    and so I removed the battery..a few times! Duh!
    so that means I have wiped the SIM card contacts??
    doesnt it?
    This was...
    before I realised how to get back into CWMrecovery
    and reapply the ROM

    So I am able to go into playstore..it is on front screen
    and I backed out...but didnt seem to do it

    So is there anywhere else ie in the complete Titanium backup
    I did...before applying the new ROM/Gapps
    or from Nandroid backup?

    It sounds like I have made another rookie error! haha
    you always learn better when it..does bad things:eek:
    ie never do that again!

    Any other suggestions?
  23. akashash5

    akashash5 Well-Known Member

    try restoring data only for contacts and contact storage through titanium backup. if that doesnt work backup current rom,restore old rom,export contacts to sd card,restore xperia rom,import contacts via sd card.
    Also may i recommend CM7,it beats any rom hands down except cm9 ofcourse.
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  24. devaus

    devaus Member

    Thanks for those suggestions akashash5..all make sense

    except as I forgot to do this in the first case:eek:
    ie backup contacts..before flashing newROM
    what might I be looking for...?
    if I had done this of course I wouldnt have to ask?

    I see in Titanium backup...
    one called
    is that likely to be it?

    Also on the CM7 ROM you suggest..I try
    I had looked for one of those first..before trying Xperia
    but the only one I could find
    seemed to be unofficial..and still with a few bugs
    to be ironed out
    see here

    [ROM][DEV][CM] CyanogenMod 7.2 for lg p690 (Optimus Net / Optimus Link) - xda-developers

    where were you suggesting I find the ROM ...and Gapps
    for suitable CM7 ?

    from what I have read contacts are stored in file
    with prefix
    Is this correct and what I should look for
    in Titanium pro?
  25. akashash5

    akashash5 Well-Known Member

    LG Optimus Net unofficial thread - xda-developers
    This thread contains links to roms for p690 use the cm7 by jst which is unofficial as are most roms.
    If you made a .vcf before you can use import from sd card option in contacts .
    You should also try looking for an app called contacts storage in titanium backup and try restoring data only.

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