Rooted, Now what?

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  1. Torin_93

    Torin_93 Member

    So now that im rooted(w/SuperOneClick) what should I do? I dont quite understand what ROMS and kernels are, although as of now I dont think therre are any for the revolution?
    I know I want to freeze some bloatware on my phone.

    Anything else?

  2. Craigbob

    Craigbob Member

    Go to the market and buy bloat freeze. that will allow you to freeze any of your apps you don't want.

    As of this date there are no ROMS or kernels available for the Revo. give it a bit of time. They just came up with recovery last night.
  3. Torin_93

    Torin_93 Member

    Oh wow! Didnt know they came out with a recovery last night! Sweet :)
  4. Haxcid

    Haxcid Well-Known Member

    dawn any mask you like and join us in our celebratory dance around the fire.
  5. Torin_93

    Torin_93 Member

    Woot woot :) I like to party and dance in and around fire.
  6. S.meezy

    S.meezy Well-Known Member

    Install the debloated, debinged, googlefied Rom, for the win... :)
  7. Fynx

    Fynx Well-Known Member

    Do you have a link for the ROM?
  8. n2it

    n2it New Member there a link for it?
  9. deftonesmw

    deftonesmw Member

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