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Rooted - Now What?

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  1. WorldBuilder

    WorldBuilder Active Member

    Hi all,

    I have a Thunderbolt I rooted last year, but since then, I've never played with it. Work gave me a Droid 4 (LOVE it, except the insane amount of bloat). I just rooted that with the famous one-click rooter floating around.

    Question I have now is... Now what? Basically, I don't want to get fancy, I just want to remove bloatware. Last year, I bought Root Explorer for my TBolt. And according to instructions I got last year:
    So, will this work on the Droid 4? If so, since I already bought Root Explorer once, how can I download it to this phone as well? Do I need to buy it again? I already have ES File Explorer. Will that not work?

    Or is there a better way now?

    Thanks! Basically, I just wanna clean this thing up because all this stuff is nuts... Thanks!


  2. m_a_b

    m_a_b Member

    why not just use titanium backup to freeze them?
  3. WorldBuilder

    WorldBuilder Active Member

    Found another app, created by guru scary_alien, that does it. For free.

    Android Root Toolkit
  4. Clopez1408

    Clopez1408 New Member

    i have a droid 4 is rooted and the wifi is not working my laptop can read the signal and the signal bars are full but cant connect...???

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